Top 10 Things People Should Do in September 2020 to Help Reduce Covid-19 Cases

COVID-19 is not close to its end. It'll just get worse if nobody puts effort and cooperation into place. Here are some things you should do to avoid/reduce the COVID-19 spreading.

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Do homeschooling

Homeschooling would be a great way to avoid spreading the Coronavirus. Public schools aren't recommended for several reasons.
1. You can't get close to any of your friends. This would possibly be one of the toughest things for students to do.
2. You'll probably have to wear a mask. It's extremely uncomfortable especially for younger kids.
3. School won't be as fun as usual. It won't be as easy to handle days like that.
4. There will always have one kid who'll get close to every student. Most of the time, there's a kid who never listens to anyone.
If you go to a public school, you won't have a good time at all. It'll be hard to wear a mask for a long time and not getting close to your friends. You might as well do homeschooling because at least you won't be as miserable and uncomfortable. You get to stay home and everything will be more pleasant.

Literally what's happening to me, In my home country, New Zealand, We don't even have lockdowns! Except for Auckland. And after a lockdown, we went out of lockdown, meaning I had to go back to school. And it's worse than before lockdown.

My city (Perth) used to have online schooling, but now it’s back to physical schooling.
After seeing what’s been happening in Melbourne and Victoria lately, they’re most likely going to bring it back.

Who actually likes online school?

Wear safety glasses along with your masks

For people who wear glasses, it won't do extremely well, but it can still try to protect your eyes. For people who don't wear glasses, it would actually help a lot more. Your eyes should also be protected because you may catch the virus by your eyes.

This has to be a joke.

What’s next? A full on hazmat suit?

Close indoor eating restaurants

Only keep your restaurants open for takeout and delivery. At least the spread won't become worse. As for fast food restaurants, only keep it for takeout or drive-thru. Why would you want to eat in public places when you have a chance of getting the virus? I'd rather keep those places open for takeout.

Close/don't open non-essential places

Places like bars, strip clubs, dance places and other unnecessary places should be closed. Like if you go at a bar, you'll likely get drunk and you're gonna accidentally give the Coronavirus to people. And strip clubs are literally a waste of time and money. We don't need junk like that. Dance places are also places we don't need as of right now.

Don't create public events

For example: Festivals, concerts, craft-shows, parties, fairs and etc...
You shouldn't create public events since a lot of people won't respect social distancing and it would cause a lot of COVID-19 cases.

Make a new social distance length

2 meters (6 feet) is not enough. We should change it to 3 meters (10 feet). This would help a bit more. Sometimes, it's inevitable to have a distance since people need to pass, but for the most part you should have a distance and avoid people as much as possible.

It's not that 6 feet isn't long enough, it's that there isn't enough guidance and encouragement to maintain such a distance.

Yeah 6 feet doesn’t work let’s do 8 ft

Add time limits when shopping

Smaller stores should have a limit of half an hour. And bigger ones like Walmart or some other department stores should be a limit of one hour.

Avoid going to public places too often

It's okay if you go shop once every few days or once a week, but don't go to public places every day. You'll be more at risk to get the Coronavirus.

Use Amazon instead of physically going shopping.

Everyone stay home don’t go out because of COVID-19 gotta live in fear!

Go to a hairdresser or a barber only when you really need it

Don't go to a hairdresser/barber when you don't need to. If you do, your chances of getting COVID-19 are higher. Don't go every month to a hairdresser to get a trim, a perm or a hair dye. Don't go every month to a barber to get a beard trim or a haircut. Wait at least 2-4 months before getting one. It'll help reduce the chances of COVID-19 spreads.

Don't travel to other countries too often

Try not visiting countries too often. You'll be at risk of getting the Coronavirus. Once you returned back to your own country, you should be in quarantine for at least 2 weeks (14 days).

Just don’t travel at all

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Wear a Mask

You can get sick if you wear the mask for too long.

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