Top Ten Things People Should Have Learned in School, and Didn't

It's amazing the things adults still do not know. How did they graduate from grade school?

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1 The difference between your and you're

Damn- a lot of people don't know this and it hurts every time they get it wrong.

Your - a personal pronoun
You're - short for 'you are'

(As a non-native English speaker, I find this completely easy)

It's not that hard...

Your: Used when referring to something that belongs to you.

You're: Short for "you are".

Reading through this site, people apparently do not appreciate the irony of writing "your so dum"

2 Christopher Columbus did not discover America

The native americans had this place first. As a native american I hate having to learn that humans supposedly came from Asia, my culture believes that we were originally here always and it's offensive to be told that I am not correct

I'm thinking the ancestors of the people standing on the beach when Columbus arrived might have been there first.

It is a sad misunderstanding :, ( he gets all the credit...

I'm not American, so correct me if I'm wrong.. Maybe the Finnish found America and told the French and the British Empire about the newfound land since the Finnish are not.. quietly capable of doing so.. That's what I heard

3 Humans did not evolve from monkeys

I love when people say, "if people evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys", like it is some great revelation that disproves human evolution. Nobody who paid attention in class, or had a teacher who was any good, thinks that evolution theory means the family tree of human beings includes a chimpanzee.

Humans think that people evolve from monkeys because we share like 40% of there DNA or something, but rats share 90% of our DNA and we apparently didn't evolve from them. God created every living creature on Earth. Even though we can't see him we Christians KNOW he is there. It's simply called faith.

We came from some ape-like creature, then the universe or something was like, " Hey let's make this into a freaky animal that's unusually evolved, and lets see if they could do stuff with their brains." Then the Internet was born. God did not make us out of monkeys, you Neanderthals.

They didn't. I go to church so we never evolved from monkeys. It said this that we did evolve from monkeys. Just so stupid.

4 The difference between there, their and they're

There: Used when referring to "over there".

Their: Used when referring to something that belongs to them; it's theirs.

They're: Short for "they are".

There really is a difference, I promise. It's not a matter of preference.

I was an idiot to think that primary school would teach people this. Why don't 14 year olds don't know this?

I learned this at school

5 Alot is not a word

My English Teacher already said that a lot is not a word!

Really? We'll if the word is used so much and people think it's an actual word then it must be classed as a word

I am still in elementary. We have learned all of these, except this one!

I always used to write a lot because MY DAMN TEACHERS NEVER TOLD ME!

6 Do your research

If there are schools that don't teach this kind of stuff then I just don't even know what to say anymore

Oh, yeah, I hear you, folks. Loads of idiots who would come in to a test going "no idea what you're on about". Good reason for that. You're lazy, stupid, useless idiots.

That doesn't necessarily make them useless or stupid but yeah the concept is stupid.

It's amazing how much patently false stuff people believe. How much false information circulates on Facebook because people don't take the time to see if it is false before reposting. You wouldn't have gotten away with turning in a report in school where all your 'facts' were things you heard other people say. You had to reference credible sources and cite them in a bibliography.

Remember that lesson as an adult so you don't look like an idiot for propagating stupid urban legends or spreading potentially harmful propaganda. Bookmark it.

7 You don't use apostrophes to make a word plural

Apostrophes are often used in contractions or when referring to something that belongs to another person.

When writing a plural, you don't add an apostrophe before the 's'.

It's basic grammar that you should've learned in the second grade.

Some people are so STUPID!

It's so weird. Why do some person's do this?

And yet, here it is folks, MODERN SOCIETY! (Applause)

8 Africa is not a country

Along with the even more common misconception that America is a country, I've definitely encountered quite a few people who thought Africa was a country, and to tell the truth, I used to think it as well when I was little, but Africa is not a country, it's a continent. Same with America. The country is the United States, while America is the continent which the United States is in. The other continents are Asia, Europe, Antarctica, Oceania, and Australia.

More people are beginning to find out that this is wrong. However, I just feel disappointed in my generation when they say that Africa is a country. Africa has 1 billion people, and many distinct cultures. For example, you won't find a Zulu warrior in Morocco.

Here's the 54 countries of Africa

Cape Verde
Central African Republic
Congo, Democratic Republic of
Equatorial Guinea
Ivory Coast
Sao Tome and Principe
Sierra Leone
South Africa
South Sudan

So many people think its true

9 Read the instructions

It's amazing how much stupid stuff people do and how much time they waste because they don't bother to read the words right in front of them.

I always do this. The instructions may take you long to read, but it'll at least save time to fix it than figuring it out on your own. by the way, YouTube tutorials don't really count as instructions, the person could get something wrong in them, which will effect you too.

My friend zack got a 10/25 on a test because he didn't read the instructions

10 Don't plagiarize

We were all taught to do our own work and not copy off of others. So why does everyone feel it is okay to steal the work of others? Quote people, sure, but give credit where credit is due.

In first grade a girl copied me every time we had a test.

I learned that it is illegal.

Like Einstein.

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11 How to get a job

A lot of stuff on here they DO teach you in school but people don't care about it, or just forget it in general. But this one I agree with. There are a lot of people in this world who have graduated high school and college but still can't find a decent job.

This should be number 1

Definitely more important than "how to find x".

12 You are not special

Special => unique=strange => that one guy who no one hangs out with

If everyone is special then we are all like each other. So no one's special - Unnamed Google User Remade

So you're saying that no one is special because everyone is special? That doesn't sound completely right

Everyone is special for their Looks, talents and personality, or is that unique...

Everyone is spiecial

13 Tax preparation
14 How to pay a mortgage
15 What the gambler's fallacy is

Maybe people would make fewer stupid decisions of they had a better understanding of probability

16 Proofread what you have written

Or better yet, read what you have written out loud.

It happens all the time that when writing, people leave out words, change tense, create run on sentences, etc. Take a few extra minutes to proof read things after you have written them, even if it is just a Facebook post. It's worth the effort so you don't come off as being an idiot.

17 Feel what you read
18 The difference between definitely and defiantly
19 How it will help them in life
20 WW2 did not start with the bombing of Pearl Harbor

Yeah, the bombing of Pearl Harbor was when America got involved in it. The actual war started in 1939, I know it had something to do with Hitler's rise in the Nazi party, but I can't remember the exact details.

It started by Germany invading Poland. I learned it in seventh grade.

Haven't they heard of Nazi Germany?!

21 Not all Asians are Chinese

I know right! And also that most chinese food restaurants are not authentic

Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Indian, Arab, Malaysian, Singaporean people are all not Chinese.

22 Anger management

Anger can be unhealthy

23 Child discipline

They teach you how to take care of young children but not how to deal with their annoying behavior!

24 The difference between affect and effect

Affect - a synonym for 'impact'
Effect - a consequence of an event

Affect means to impact or change something or someone.

And effect means the result of the change.

25 How to do taxes

You need to know how to pay taxes in order to be able to live out on your own. More than you'll need to memorize the periodic table anyway...

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