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1 Bullying

I hate dealing with bullies. That's one of the reasons that I dropped out of school - KoolGuy2218

We come to school to learn, not to get shoved into lockers. Hasn't been a problem for me ever since first grade (And when I told someone about it a few months ago, she said we were probably fighting over blocks or something dumb). - MrLoser

I was bullied in school and so was my sister and the principal did not solve it but we have moderate autism ADD and Anxiety they were making fun of our disabilities.

My school is so strict - Lunala

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2 Doing drugs and alcohol

Four kids in my school were kicked out in one day because of this. ONE DAY. And I even caught people doing acid outside the school gates.

Two of them were smoking cocaine, one of them were a bully and he walked into class baked. I didn't like him anyway. He should've known better. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

A guy in my school got caught dealing drugs - SamuiNeko

I was suspended because this guy lie to the office. I bring no drugs to school and in my town, drugs are illegal to buy and have the. So - InfernoTopTenners

Wonder if the kids got dropped on there head when there were little._. Probably - Stevenpenguin

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3 Sexual harassment

I'm a girl and people who are obsessed with butts over personality deserve to die.

No touching people's butts,k? - Nateawesomeness

Warning: What you are about to read is disgusting. Don't tell me I didn't warn you afterward.

1. Some moron at school would spank girls' butts on the first day and say inappropriate stuff.
2, Two lesbian idiots did each other bh sticking a marker up the others' butt.
3. Nonstop porn conversations.

Conclusion: School is full of perverts. - Powerfulgirl10

4 Getting into fights

Some kids die when they get into fights and have serious injuries and that's a serious problem and I'm not kidding about it.

What made 7th grade hell. - FrozenHatingPokefan

And that's why my year in fifth grade was terrible. - Powerfulgirl10

If I don't start the fight,I'm ok with them - Nateawesomeness

5 Sticking chewed gum under desks, chairs, benches.

It gets very disgusting,dare to check under our school's gym bench. - SamuiNeko

It's yuck! Whenever I look under almost any table in my school, there's a lot of gum. It's as if people are too lazy to bin it!._. - drdevil

Swastika drawings, bad words and certain body parts are drawn on every desk. There is always century old gum too.

This happened at my second school. There was also swastikas scratched into my desk in one of my classes. - Lunala

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6 Borrowing items and never returning them

For real I let a girl borrow my pencil and when I asked for it at the end of class she said she never borrowed my pencil and walked of with it and it was in her hand

Whenever someone borrows my pen I never get it back! It's here one second and now it's over there covered in drool!

I never let people borrow my stuff anyway unless they are right next to me so I could keep an eye on them.

In 7th grade I was stuck in between this hellspawn of a girl, and some guy who picked his nose.

The guy wasn’t too annoying. A little bit annoying, but not the worst.

The girl, who I will be referring to as “S” was annoying. She had the most nasally voice I had ever heard, and she looked like Jar Jar Binks with a crappy Ariana Grande high ponytail. never brought her own stuff from home and relied on me. It was always

“Can I borrow your sharpner? ”
“Can I borrow your pencils? ”

S didn’t steal anything but she wanted to borrow stuff EVERY FIVE SECONDS. And when I was sick of it and said “No” to her she started mocking my voice (she can't mock people AT. ALL.) and started being rude to me and glared at me 24/7. She also had the smile of a deranged pedophile.

Oh my god, I hate her, I hate her. - Lunala

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7 Cutting lunch lines

What such a big deal about cutting in line I mean food will be there and were all going to the same place

Some even pull others out of lunch lines,it's just so rude! - SamuiNeko

Just stop,the food will always be there. - SamuiNeko

I know, right.
One time, someone pushed me out of line. - WaitByMaroon5

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8 Bothering other students

If that was against the rules at my middle school, then I would be the only student because all of my peers are horrible people. - NicholasYellow

I guess this is the reason why I'm somewhat hated in class. But others are a whole lot worse. - Powerfulgirl10

When someone bothers me,I bother them - Nateawesomeness

There was this weird meme in my class in 7th grade about “wreck (insert name of girl I hate)’s hole” or whatever. - Lunala

9 Sex

Two lesbians at my school did each other once (by shoving a marker up the others butt.) Plus, perverts keep having conversations about porn. Believe it or not, my class had to watch gay frog porn once since the teacher accidentally played the video. And kids were LAUGHING at it. People are perverts. - Powerfulgirl10

So many girls in my school lost their virginity. - SamuiNeko

Why the hell would you want to transfer to that school? Just saying' That sounds like a really BAD school. - cosmo

Um, why would someone lose their virginity in a school bathroom? - kaitlynrad11

Sluts need to know what requires privacy and what does not - Nateawesomeness

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10 Getting and dumping your boy/girlfriend every week

There is a boy in my class who has this girl who he went at with on THE FIRST DAY OF TERM! They didn't know each other! - jmepa1234

There have been people in my school that have made ship names for each other. SHIP NAMES. Like, I also don't give a crap that so and so is dating so and so. - kaitlynrad11

Hoe:hey wanna be my boyfriend
Me:Go back with your 32 exes - Nateawesomeness

Random girl:Oh my god I just got a boyfriend and he's so hot...
A week later...
Same random girl:I don't know's just like...I don't I just want to break up with him,but I got another boyfriend who's hotter than him.
Common conversations. - SamuiNeko

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11 Copying other's homework and test papers

Someone copied my work in first grade. And some kid with anger issues (who I wanted to get revenge on for months after something stupid happened) copied one of my friends' math work and says he didn't. - Powerfulgirl10

That happens all the time. If someone is desperate I'll give them the answers to homework but not to tests.

Once in math, a kid stood on his chair to see other people's tests

Is it that hard to do your work? - JustAnotherAccount

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12 Drawing while the teacher is talking

Actually there should be no problem with drawing during class, as long as you pay attention to the teacher as well. I draw in class to prevent myself from getting bored, and I am still able to listen to the teacher.

I did this a lot in 7th grade during math class. - Pegasister12

This isn't that bad compared with drugs and coitus

Drawing when the teacher is talking shouldn't bother anyone. It's not like they are setting their desk on fire. Anyway, you shouldn't try to tell someone to "stahp drawing! 1! your supoas 2 lissen 2 the teecher! 1! ". You just end up pissing the person off and disrupting the class.

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13 Using stupid, useless slang words

I agree, and I'm a YOUNG TEENAGER! I want to slap somebody when they say stuff, such as, "Ratchet", "On fleek", "TRIGGERED" (I hate that word SO MUCH.), and "Lit". - HyenaLover

14 Starting drama

Other chicks at my school start drama all the time. - Pegasister12

I hate when this happens. - drdevil

Cancer - Nateawesomeness

15 Working


16 Making racist comments

This is such a huge thing at my school. Please take no offense in how I'm gonna say this! There are multiple people in my school that are white calling themselves and others 'Black' and I am so sick of it! They say so many racist stereotypical things like how Asians are smarter and what not. I hate racism in school and in society, I don't understand why everyone can't treat everyone as equal without all these names and stereotypes! - KaBoomOmfgXD

People say the N-word a lot at my school. Even African Americans say that about themselves.

That anger issued kid I talked about called one of my close friends the n-word once (he was black). Then my friend threatened to kill him. Plus, the angry kid said he takes showers in mud (which is super racist) and the idiot substitute teacher said it wasn't racist, when it WAS. - Powerfulgirl10

A jerk at my school last year called his black friend "dark chocolate".

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17 Hurtful gossips

Friend who gossips all the time: hey,did you know that this guy was crying over not keeping up with someone
Me:and hey,did you know we're not friends anymore - Nateawesomeness

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18 Blocking your way to your locker

I wasn't very lucky this year with my locker. I ended up on a bottom locker, in the most crowded hallway in the upper level of the school. The kid above me is much shorter than me, he's trying to reach for his stuff, and people are on the floor getting their stuff together. I have to make sure I can actually get down to my locker, not hit someone with it, get my stuff, and escape the herd. Luckily, if I leave class right on time, I can leave right when the herd starts - kaitlynrad11

This loser has a locker right next to mine and slams the door on mine, on my hand, and my Chromebook. Once he got in my way and slammed his locker on me again, and I yelled, " Excuse me?! Back off! " Then he shoved me and rushed to his next class unpurposley.

Go side by side to the person above or below you,enough said - Nateawesomeness

I have my locker in between two people:My friend and an annoying girl.
Every day, the annoying girl and her friends stand in front of my locker and they just gossip and I can't get into my locker. They also don't move. - lovefrombadlands

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19 Cursing
20 Drawing inappropriate pictures in books

Exactly! Once I found A...private part of guys drawn in my text book.Just stop! - SamuiNeko

Some kid (who I'm sort of friends with) almost drew a whole penis on his paper in art class. - Powerfulgirl10

If its your book (not a library book) then go ahead but stop vandalizing gosh.

Last year my brother said one of his friends drew a penis in their textbook before returning it back to the school library. - Lunala

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