Top Ten Things People Should Stop Doing In School


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21 Ditching


22 Littering

I always find trash at recess! It's annoying! - Powerfulgirl10

23 Imitating gangsters
24 Slacking off
25 Raging over another pupil being lazy
26 Acting like jerks for no reason
27 Trying to be funny

Donald Trump jokes and stuff - Lunala

28 Listening to Justin Bieber

No kidding. On the last day of fifth grade, one of my friends I'm neutral with played "Baby" on her phone. - Powerfulgirl10

29 Getting angry for stupid reasons

Hate it. My class is so immature. One time my class did a "Beezer Weezer" game (which is like a trivia game but a review on movies we watch in music class) and the whole class got into am fed about some answer, which was correct, because they thought the prince set up tar trap on the steps of the palace on Into the Woods. I tried to settle the argument by giving the team the points, but they all screamed at me. I hate my class sometimes. - Powerfulgirl10

30 Being nosy
31 Drawing on desks

Once I sat at a desk with swastikas scratched into it. - Lunala

32 Vandalizing bathrooms

Once I saw an emoji poop drawing on the toilet door. - Lunala

33 Trying too hard to get all the girls
34 Watch Nicki Minaj in freetime

We are allowed to hear music while we work and I am glad only one kid is a fan of Annoconda and she is nice enough not to play it around evreyone else

35 Saying Annoying Memes
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