Top Ten Things People Should Stop Doing

You may look at this as a list what people SHOULD do. but this is a list of what people should STOP doing

The Top Ten Things People Should Stop Doing

1 Bullying people because of what they like

Bulling is getting so bad that it ends up with the person getting bullied dies and that's not good so all bully leave people alone

Yeah. I mean, how would that person feel if someone ridicules them for liking something? People can like whatever the hell they like. - madoog

I honestly HATE people who bully other people for what they like. If they like MLP, LET THEM BE. If they like sonic LET THEM BE, If they like to game LET THEM BE - Zombieman99

Yea stop hating on the Texans you Cowboys fans still salty because you Aaron Rodgers roasted you in your stadium

2 Arguing over Xbox and PlayStation

It's pointless and stupid, I have both and they are equally awesome. there was a fight at my school because of this. - Zombieman99

The most stupid things about these arguments is that those who prefer one over the other don't have the other and claim it is terrible even though they probably haven't touched one. - Skullkid755

Xbox and Playstation are both brilliant consoles with brilliant games. Who cares if you have a PS4 and your best friend has an Xbox One? That doesn't mean that your friend has betrayed you just because of the console!

@Zombieman99 I thought you didn't have a PlayStation? You're a damned liar.

3 Bullying people for who they are

It's too bad. If you bully, you're the one in trouble. - Animefan12

4 Having wars

Yeah, if I was somewhere in WORLD WAR 2, I would maybe be died now. My grandmother and grandfather was in world war 2, and they told me it wasn't pleasant - Magical

5 Being so rude

Rude? Sometimes you don't realise when you are rude, other people tell you that. - Ananya

6 Hating on celebs and political leaders

Yeah they made mistakes. Doesn't mean we have to wine and complain and THREATEN them! I mean we've made mistakes too haven't we? - Zombieman99

That's opinions

I'm a conserv but this is socialism. - Maddox121

7 Assuming one's dislike over a movie with a non-white lead is due to racism
8 Making new Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon shows

Everybody knows that Disney is better. Hands down. Everything on Cartoon Network except Teen Titans is stupid. Disney is so much better by a long shot. Who's with me? - RockFashionista

*Squid wards voices that Gary made in the Secret Box Episode* Meow No! - AgentofAnarchy

Seriously just make new episodes of the old shows that EVERYONE loved - Zombieman99

Some modern shows are good like The Loud House and Steven Universe. - Powerfulgirl10

9 Drugs or alcohol

I mean both destroy your body and cause your death point to lower. say if you were to die at 94, if you drank alcohol or did drugs that could lower to 64. - Zombieman99

10 Saying that SWAG is better than School

People seriously say this? That is BEYOND depressing!

The word swag even sounds stupid. - SamuiNeko

Well they will regret that when they start working at McDonald's. - Pony

So having bling is better than learning? That's the most stupidest thing ever. - Powerfulgirl10

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11 Doing something just because most other people do it

What's right isn't always popular and what's popular isn't always right.

Don't follow the herd, think for yourself.

12 Hating

Hate is evil!

13 Saying they are better than everyone else

In this item, whom does "they" refer to? - Animefan12

That's rude and offensive. - Powerfulgirl10

Troolls say that - Ananya

14 Not accepting others' opinions

I get so sick and tired of everyone always hating on each other just because they have a different opinion. Why is this even an argument? So what if one person likes Katy Perry and the other likes Lady GaGa? So what if one person plays Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and another likes to play Pokémon? So what? This is pretty much the base cause of most of the things on this list, and almost all of the negativity in the world. It causes bullying, judgement, egotism, trolling, depression and many other things. Why does it matter that everyone isn't you? People aren't always going to like/hate everything another does, and will have reasons for doing so. What's even worse is when someone, who likes both of the things you + him/her enjoy but favors one over the other, still gets hate because they don't favor what you like over what they like. There may be some more severe and heartless things on this list, like stealing, murdering, lying, but if I had to choose something that everyone should ...more

Not accepting someone's opinion doesn't always means that you hate the other person or hate his opinion. Pro and contra arguments are common in discussions. Why should you accept someone's opinion if you know you are right? You can explain your argument without insulting him and vice-versa, you can listen to his / her arguments. I think that it's in fact weak when you accept everything what others say or think without any discussions or questions asked. In this world you must stand up for yourself and your beliefs.

Me in December 2017.

15 Procrastinating

Oh, I do that a lot with my homework.

16 Making fun of autistic people

This is at the bottom of the list... for some reason - SpectralOwl

Just don’t make fun of anyone. It’s unkind.

Now if that continues to happen to me as a autistic I would punch 🥊 them and then hurt 😢 them very badly harm/very severe pain 😖

17 Watching porn

Porn = Pure Obscene Ridiculous Nonsense

Pornography is a terrible immoral thing.

Crap. My teacher accidentally played gay frog porn... *gag* - Powerfulgirl10

I hate porn and it should be ERADICATED! - PhoenixAura81

18 Hurting others

This is the one problem in my eyes. - keycha1n

19 Swearing

That is what Austin price does to everybody he lives down the street from the subway in mukwonago Wisconsin so make him feel the burn so he never swears at people again message sent to the wrong person with a temper and anger management issues

Can lead to fights expecially if that word you just said was at others

I very much agree. Let's stop the swearing.

Liars are the ones who swear - Ananya

20 Stealing

You could get in trouble very big trouble

21 Smoking
22 Litter
23 Making Ignorant Generalizations and Assumptions About Americans
24 Thinking only one person has a different opinion than theirs
25 Post pictures and videos of themselves blowing spit bubbles

Blowing spit bubbles with your tongue is considered entertainment? Puhleeze, that is so disgusting. Yet, this habit has gone out of hand. You see those type of gross habits on YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Twitter, heck even Tumblr. Worst of all, many people are commenting "Now that's talent", "Blowing bubbles with spit is fun"? Really? Do we really need to see older people doing THIS type of disgusting habit? NO. My family is disgusted by this type of habit. Plus, do people even realize blowing spit bubbles is gross? It's not a talent and it will never be, NEVER!

That's disgusting. Who would even want to watch that? - Powerfulgirl10

That is GROSS

26 Scientists & Others To Stop Predicting Scary Things

Always predicting end of the world and other scary things... will they ever stop and let us enjoy life?

27 Self harm
28 Eating Tide Pods
29 Doing Dangerous Challenges on YouTube
30 Creating porn
31 Liking Shrek

Shrek is great though.

32 Lying

Say truth and you don't have to remember anything - Ananya

33 Copying lists from others
34 Making money

There is nothing wrong with making money. We need money to live and be successful. There's a difference between being greedy and financially smart.

Money ruins people's lives and causes greed, which makes things worse. - nelsonerico6

35 Judging other people
36 Sticking up the middle finger

Unless someone did something offensive to them, people can't just hold their middle finger up at someone. - madoog

Why must the middle finger be used to flip someone off? - Powerfulgirl10

What's wrong with trying to say "Peace between worlds"
(Rick and Morty reference. - Skullkid755

37 Telling people to stop doing things

Look guys, I'm complaining too.

38 Donating to PETA

People Eating Tasty Animals: Ruining everything to do with animal rights since 1980

39 Supporting Trump
40 Vandalizing Wikipedia
41 Cursing people out

You can't curse somebody out because you don't like them

42 Asking for Mother 3

I never played the Earthbound Series but what is wrong with this? We all want remakes at times?

Be Happy for what you have.

What’s Mother 3? - PhoenixAura81

43 Asking for Sinnoh Remakes


What’s Sinnoh? - PhoenixAura81

44 Asking SMG4 to get rid of Meggy.

Nostalgia Goggles all over this poop.

45 Bullying
46 Poaching
47 Scamming people
48 Obsessing over social media
49 Dropping out of high school
50 Liking Hitler

I despise neo nazis.

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