Top Ten Things People Should Stop Doing


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21 Doing something just because most other people do it

What's right isn't always popular and what's popular isn't always right.

Don't follow the herd, think for yourself.

22 Judging other people
23 Assuming one's dislike over a movie with a non-white lead is due to racism

J.K. Rowling needs to understand this is bad, then again she's changed, not for the better. - SailorSedna

24 Thinking only one person has a different opinion than theirs
25 Swearing

I very much agree. Let's stop the swearing.

Liars are the ones who swear - Ananya

26 Post pictures and videos of themselves blowing spit bubbles

Blowing spit bubbles with your tongue is considered entertainment? Puhleeze, that is so disgusting. Yet, this habit has gone out of hand. You see those type of gross habits on YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Twitter, heck even Tumblr. Worst of all, many people are commenting "Now that's talent", "Blowing bubbles with spit is fun"? Really? Do we really need to see older people doing THIS type of disgusting habit? NO. My family is disgusted by this type of habit. Plus, do people even realize blowing spit bubbles is gross? It's not a talent and it will never be, NEVER!

That's disgusting. Who would even want to watch that? - Powerfulgirl10

27 Sticking up the middle finger

Unless someone did something offensive to them, people can't just hold their middle finger up at someone. - madoog

Why must the middle finger be used to flip someone off? - Powerfulgirl10

It's just mean and rude to do to someone. - Jessicarabbit

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28 Telling people to stop doing things

It can be annoying, as a lot of the times they are not one's parent or boss. - SailorSedna

Look guys, I'm complaining too.

29 Litter
30 Donating to PETA

People Eating Tasty Animals: Ruining everything to do with animal rights since 1980

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