Top 10 Things People Should Try to Do in Their Lives


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1 Accepting Others for Who They Are

I already do accept others for who they are. - Britgirl

2 Earning a Scholarship
3 Improving in a Subject that They are Struggling In
4 Making Straight A's
5 Computer Programming
6 Listening to Music of Different Genres

I have tried listening to new and different genres - that's how I came to find out that I really don't like Irish Folk and anything by Enya. - Britgirl

I'll listen to any music genre as long as it is catchy and has to be able to not get me tired of it. - 906389

7 Playing Chess

Why is everyone not interested in chess anymore? Well, because of computers but still, even if my school was forced to pick a board game chess would still be the last choice for my school. My opinion aside, most of the people in my school don't know how to play it, but you can still learn it! Plus I think it's fun. - Seventies-Music-Fan

8 Owning a Business

I'd love to own a traditional Jazz club. I'd call it Misty's - Britgirl

I want to own a fancy restaurant someday. - Jordansalesguy2392

9 Experiencing New Food
10 Traveling

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11 Use Linux
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