Top Ten Things People Take for Granted


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1 Family're right. It's so easy to think they're always going to be there and that someday they won't be. I do take them for granted a lot of the time and it saddens me. I just can't imagine my life without any of them. I think they take me for granted a bit too, though. It's just one of those things I suppose. - Britgirl

Lovely list. Makes you think! - keyson

2 Life

Yeah I used to think my life sucked until I've seen people who faced real suffering. - XxembermasterxX

Imagine the people that know they have a short time to live, and yet they still appreciate it. Many, many people take life for granted. - Minecraftcrazy530

These things are made up of life. So people be thankful about your lives! Live it to the fullest! - onggoy

Of course, I'd rather be alive than dead! - Turkeyasylum

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3 Friends

I never take my friends for granted. If someone is being an a-hole, I generally find a way to make friends with them. I usually do that on accident though... - username34

4 Money
5 A House
6 Clothes

Who needs clothes though I mean liek seriously - username34

@username34 - I need clothes; even if it's only to protect Joe Public from going blind. - Britgirl

7 Love

I'm just done with the dating scene. I don't want to do the dating anymore. It's too hard. - username34

8 Tomorrow

Yeah totally! You might not live to see tomorrow! - Kaitlyntunn

9 Food
10 Water

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11 Technology

It's sad. Think about it. People think computer coding is just as easy as typing -playrockpaperscissors-! They don't know what USb or an AC adapter is! Technology is taken for granted, it shouldn't be.

12 Our Senses
13 Kisses

Is that an action performed between two individuals who share strong feelings for each other? What is that called... love... I think... what would I know about that? - username34

What is a "kiss" - username34

14 Breathing
15 Freedom
16 Phones
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