Top Ten Things People Think Aren't Needed When They Actually Are

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In general police get a bad reputation just because a few bad ones when 99% of them are just doing their job - Randomator

Trust me, without cops this country would be terrible - RustyNail


Liberals may always say "gun control" till they die, but if that were to happen, it would just make things worse. People (BAD PEOPLE) would still find a way to get guns and cause harm. there are countless numbers of drugs that are illegal, but people get them anyway. And those people that you should be around either. People will always find a way to kill people ( guns are not even the most effective way). Bombs, knives, chemical attacks, vehicle attacks...guns aren't the problem, people and security are. Where do a lot of shootings take place? -Schools and theaters. many of them you can walk in w/o a care in the world, nobody will check you. I mean is really that hard to understand? I can't bring a 8 oz container of shampoo or nail clippers on an airplane but a mentally disturbed bullied kid can bring a loaded gun into school and take away lives? how does this work. Airports are places where they don't take any chances. But again what do I know... according to the liberal media and ...more - RustyNail

Well in my country (and many others) we have been doing much better without guns than the US, apart from cops etc, for many many years.. And always will. - ParasN2000

Anti gun people, you would never understand. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Guns save so many lives, conceal and care is protection. - RustyNail

Well according to the news you are thick as a brick. You need guns?

A President

Without a president, everything would be in chaos. All crimes would be legal and lots of people would be killed. - JoeBoi

Unless if they're an celebrity or an popular musician.

Rehab Centers

One stop shopping place, everything ya need - RustyNail


Nukes aren’t needed anymore. If we got rid of all the nukes, we wouldn’t be holding our breath every time slight tension develops between two countries with nuclear weapons. - IFeedDogsChocolate

Deterent baby!

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