Top Ten Things People Think You're Weird If You Don't Like


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181 Beverly Hills Teens
182 Finding Nemo
183 Chrono Trigger
184 The Swan Princess
185 Fries Fries French fries are served hot, either soft or crispy, and are generally eaten as part of lunch or dinner or by themselves as a snack, and they commonly appear on the menus of fast food restaurants. Fries in America are generally salted and are often served with ketchup; in many countries they are topped more.
186 Adventures of Lolo
187 Tiana from "The Princess and the Frog"

If she's not one of your top five princesses or top five animated females, if you don't just adore everything about her, you're pegged as weird, racist, or both.

Way to prove the other person's point, Mr/Ms "Tiana is perfect and beautiful and you really are weird and racist". Fans like you are even more annoying than the Elsa fans, and that's saying something.

Not everyone, probably not many young Disney fans of any race, will or should be expected to relate to a no-nonsense borderline workaholic. Besides, isn't it racist to assume that black kids can only like or relate to black characters?

As someone had the guts to say on, of all places, Tumblr: "she’s a grounded, no-nonsense character who doesn’t really believe in magic for the most part and for most Disney fans they just won’t relate to that." So much for being "perfect". As for her being "beautiful", she's not ugly but I've seen better looking gals even with her exact same skintone.

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188 Earthbound
189 J. K. Rowling

It's not just a matter of liking "Harry Potter" or not; people think you're the weirdest thing ever if you don't think Rowling is the greatest writer and most awesome and inspiring person ever, if you don't hang on to her every word and think that everything she says is pure gold.

190 Women
191 Men
192 BDSM
193 Metallica
194 The Lego Movie
195 Vocaloid

No, not really. Everyone thinks I'm weird because of my obsession with Vocaloid. They say "it's a damn computer thing"

196 The Lord of The Rings
197 Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Michael Joseph Jackson was an American singer, dancer, and songwriter born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana and passed away on June 25, 2009. He donated (at least) a remarkable 300,000,000 dollars to charity. Michael is also known as The King of Pop (a title given to him by Elizabeth Taylor) or under more.
198 Wolves

To be honest, I think they're overrated (I don't hate them though) - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

199 Regular Show Regular Show Regular Show is an American animated television series created by J. G. Quintel for Cartoon Network that premiered on September 6, 2010. The series revolves around the lives of two friends, a blue jay named Mordecai and a raccoon named Rigby—both employed as groundskeepers at a local park.
200 Starbucks Starbucks Starbucks Corporation is an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain. Starbucks was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1971. Today it operates 23,768 locations worldwide, including 13,107 in the United States, 2,204 in China, 1,418 in Canada, 1,160 in Japan and 872 in South Korea.
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