Top Ten Things People In the United States Take for Granted

America, a very rich, developed country where we can #thestruggle is real it, and complain about stupid things.

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1 Food

It's easy to dump your food when you have so much. - ToptenPizza

We do take food for granted. Hopefully the food donations can payback for the food we've wasted. :D - BlueTopazIceVanilla

2 Education

So many kids here complain about how they wish they didn't have to come to school. In some countries, kids have to work and beg their parents to go to school, or they get shot when they go for being a girl. - ToptenPizza

Why do people shoot girls cause they go to school? Are you pedophiles or what? - PizzaGuy

While the US does have crappy education, at least we have an education system set in place. - Alpha101

3 Water

Water guns, clourifying water, water balloons, ALS ice bucket challenge...water is a simple substance that means a lot. - ToptenPizza

Living right by a HUGE body of fresh water, everyone in my city takes it for granted including me... - Turkeyasylum

4 Money

If you are reading my comment right now, you are not poor. You are at least middle class. No one poor has internet access - ToptenPizza

Actually, yes, someone might be poor if they donated everything in his life but his computer. - PizzaGuy

You apparently don't know that the definition of "poor" in the United States is wildly different than the rest of the world.
America's "poor" have housing, access to "free" health care, "free" education, cars, kitchen appliances, televisions, clean water, plenty of food, Jewelry, computers, cell phones and, yes, Internet access.
The average "poor" single mother with two kids in America receives extremely generous taxpayer-funded benefits, averaging $40,000 yearly in the Northeast and West Coast.
As usual, facts don't matter much to you.

5 Democracy
6 Shelter

We have a house. Maybe not a mansion, but focusing on what you don't have only makes you bitter. - ToptenPizza

7 Justice
8 Electricity

A luxury, we use it as if it's nothing - ToptenPizza

This list: So true. We're like that up north in Canada too. - PizzaGuy

A "luxury? "
If the grid ever crashes, you'll soon see how much of a "luxury" it is.

9 Safety
10 Politics

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11 Life
12 Transportation
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