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1 Grammar

This is something that Comparisons definitely needs to work on. - JaysTop10List

Everyone should do this. There are some people that don't use proper grammar, and they say um a lot. - 170253

Oh my god I didn't mean to say Elsa,this item should be number 1 already

"I have good grammer"-Comparisans - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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2 Logic

Comparisons could Improve on this and the item
Above. - Therandom

We can all learn sum logic - Comparisans

3 School Grades

If this item was true the A+ wouldn't of been invented

My greats aren't bad but they're not great so yeah - Ajkloth

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4 Body Shape

Comparision,don't judge by people's wait!

I no want to be fat - Comparisans

5 Morals

Are morals improve thru a time - Comparisans

6 Leadership Abilities

Hey comparision,believe it or not the president was invented,

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7 Overcoming Fears

Were all scarred of some thing so we should stop be in scarred - Comparisans

8 Sex

It's true. My last few times I had sex were the same thing. I need to try some new stuff! - Therandom

I can't improve on sex because I'm pretty sure 13 is too young to have sex anyways - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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9 Tumbling
10 Music Taste

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