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1 Kill Justin Bieber The Video Game

I will kill in the real life. But I hope PositronWildhawk or Chuck Norris kill him. - 05yusuf09

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2 Flying fly...Yes, I do indeed wish I was able to fly. So many beautiful places to visit...Aw... - Britgirl

I've always wanted to have wings and flight and stuff like that - Lunala

I believe I can fly! Oof! - Poptropica

3 Sega Dreamcast 2

OKAY that will never happen - Jake09

4 Turning Your Head Backwards

There's a guy in Russia who can do this. Its so bloody creepy to see him do that - Danielsun182

5 The Baby Show Killer 3000

So we can kill Oso, Barney, Elmo, Dora, and more stupid and retarded baby shows - Jake09

6 Peace
7 Extra Chocalate M&Ms
8 Immunity to All Diseases
9 Nintendo 1DS
10 No Bullying

Yes, definitely. their bullying is horrible. - 05yusuf09

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11 Real Fairly Odd Parents

So they can grant you a lot of wishes - Jake09

12 Super Powers

We all want visible seen super powers really bad right now. We all want real life visible, seen, controllable, safe supernatural and magical powers really bad right now.

We all want visible seen super powers really bad right now.

13 Heaven To Have Visiting Orders
14 Nintendo 4DS

I wonder what the 4 is for... oh yeah, and God shouldn't be on this list, he is real you jerks!

15 No Parasites
16 Cookie Heaven
17 Windows 9 Laptop
18 Ice Cream Snow
19 Real life mute button

To block out annoying noises

20 Kirby Airride 2

I love Kirby Airride - FireFlower

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