Things People Would Rather Eat a Bucket of Garlic Than Do

The Top Ten

1 Eat 2 Buckets of Garlic

LA Beast would do this

It's double the pain. - mmarce445

2 Read This List

This list is pointless. - mmarce445

3 Listen to Justin Bieber

Pure pain. - mmarce445

4 Die

Do I have to say anything about this one? - mmarce445

5 Read 40 Books in 8 Months

I can do this

More pure pain. - mmarce445

This one actually sounds like fun.

6 Listen to Miley Cyrus

Even more pure pain. - mmarce445

7 Listen to Nicki Minaj

How much pure pain is there? - mmarce445

8 Watch Liv and Maddie

Worst Disney show. - mmarce445

9 Watch Caillou

Worst Sprout show (though all are bad). - mmarce445

10 Watch Dora the Explorer

Worst Nick JR show (though all are bad). - mmarce445

The Contenders

11 Watch Voltron
12 Play Street Fighter II
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