Top Ten Things Pokemon Fans Refuse to Understand When It Comes to the Pokemon Anime

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1 The Pokemon anime is an entirely different canon.

I know the anime has many dumb moments, but it's still a different canon. - yungstirjoey666

If ash is in the anime have ash in the games and switch vulpix with nebby

Inb4 red fanboys flood this accurate list. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Lately I've been seeing a lot of people saying stuff like "WHERE'S NEBBY? ", "WHY DOESN'T LILLIE HAVE NEBBY? ", "I HATE ALOLAN VULPIX IT'S NOT NEBBY! ", "LILLIE ISN'T AFRAID OF TOUCHING POKEMON IN THE GAMES, THIS IS STUPID! " on a constant basis and like...the Pokemon anime NEVER followed the game's story line and how they handled characters. They always done their own thing. Why? IT'S A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CANON.

Like how do people watch the Pokemon anime for so many years and still can't comprehend this? - Rue

2 Ash has to fit the long running Shonen status quo. Which is why he is still the protagonist.

As much as you hate him and want him to go, he will never leave the anime. Ash is here to stay solely because of the status quo. - Rue

3 Levels are irrelevant in the Pokemon anime.

Applying game logic to the anime and talking about how Ash's Pikachu should be level 100 and beat everything, etc etc.

And before you go "Well they did mention that levels are in the anime." They did...IN SEASON 1. They never stayed consistent with levels and never cared to even use them properly. So stop trying to make sense of things by using game logic and levels, you will end up flustered and annoyed. It's not worth it. - Rue

4 The anime will always have new companions and protagonists in every series. (Except Ash of course)

Every companion leaves at some point. There will always be new companions. The fact that people thought that Serena would stay in the anime because of her infatuation is illogical. She doesn't get special treatment. The only companion that stayed for a long time was Brock. And after Brock, we won't have the same companions stay in the show more than one series. - Rue

Serena and misty aren't coming back. End of discussion. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Did you guys ever hear sun and moon will bring back old characters (yay) - Masterofal

5 The anime counterparts of characters will never 100% follow their game counterparts when it comes to personality and character development.

And this proved to be a good thing with Lysander. Also, ash, Red's counterpart, actually talks! - HeavyDonkeyKong

The fact that people are pissed that Lillie is not like her game counterpart is illogical and makes no sense. The companions NEVER followed their in game counterpart.

In game Misty wasn't a stubborn and aggressive girl who would hit people
In game Brock wasn't a pervert for comedic relief.
In game May didn't hate Pokemon in the beginning and she could be considered Professor Birch's child instead of Norman's if you believe that Brendan is canon.
In game Max was a generic character sprite with no personality and character to him
In game Dawn was a generic character that didn't have much of a personality.
In game Iris evolved her Axew and was a dragon master.
In game Cilan...well...didn't always talk about food 24/7?
In game Serena wasn't infatuated with a boy she met once 5 years ago and she used mega evolution
In game Clemont didn't have much of a personality
In game Bonnie... well, she's very similar to anime Bonnie but not entirely.
In game Lana, ...more - Rue

6 Pikachu isn't invincible because Ash and Pikachu need to struggle every now and then in order to have obstacles to overcome.

This isn't One Punch Man people. If Pikachu destroyed everything in his path, the battles will get too boring and predictable. Look at Alain and his Charizard, he only lost twice in the entire anime and hardly ever struggled when he used Charizard. You knew Alain will win, he was predictable. And I honestly found it boring after a while. But that might be my own personal bias. - Rue

7 The anime doesn't follow in game battle mechanics.

This should be obvious because of how the battles in the anime are real time based, not turned based. So yeah, because of that, it will be vastly different. Even if the battles in the anime can be utter bullcrap at times, it's still a completely different way to battle.

So yeah, comparing a turned based battle mechanic to a real time based one makes no sense. - Rue

8 Shipping, especially AshxMain Girl ships, will never be canon.

Ash doesn't need a girlfriend; he's happy enough as a Pokemon trainer. And besides, that kid is an oblivious idiot. He'll never take a hint. - yungstirjoey666

I'm waiting for that one damn armour shipping yelling BUT THEY KISSED SO THAT COUNTS BLKAH - Toptenanimallovers

I ship ash with main girls for fun. I'm not going to be some salty elitist like some of other people. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Sorry Amourshippers. One of the directors said he "hopes that Serena and Ash would be a couple". It was never said that the WILL be a couple. Stop taking everything out of context. - Rue

9 Serena is gone and will never be a female companion after XYZ.

And it's good that she left. She got over her obsession. If she comes back, I would like to see how she's grown. Also, please give her some powerhouses. She's the only female character who doesn't have st least one good pokemon. Even bonnie had Squishy! Thanks a lot, writers! - HeavyDonkeyKong

I would like Serena to have be much grown and mature, but I wouldn't mind if she didn't have any strong Pokemon. Pokemon doesn't always have to be about battling. She's more of a performer. - yungstirjoey666

For christ sakes, let her live outside of her Ash fantasy land. She chose to leave Ash behind to get into contests. - Rue


10 Brock and Misty are never coming back.

I miss them so much (cries). But I love the newer characters too - TwilightKitsune

Wow! I learned a lot from this list! Even though I only watched season 1 on YouTube (lol) and don't play the games, I thought the anime series closey followed the games. Turns out it doesn't. This is a great list! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Yeah, it doesn't follow the games. I guess the writers feel their show would be too predictable if it did. And thank you! - Rue

Oh no! You just woke up the gennwunners! DECIDUEYE! PLEASE LOCK THE DOORS! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Lol heavydonkeykong

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11 Ash and Serena won't get married

This is a good thing

12 Misty and Ash are never gonna get married or date

Misty will guarantee they will.

13 XYZ had better animation than Sun and Moon

A subjective perspective. Besides, you are probably talking about the artstyle, which is different. - yungstirjoey666

14 Ash will never win a Pokemon League.

He won the Alolan league

I don't mind Ash losing, but he was ORIGINALLY PLANNED to win the Kalos League, but the writers changed it up and made Ash lose. So, technically, it's the writers who never makes Ash win a league.

15 It's a kid's show
16 Non evolved Pokemon aren't automatically weak

It shouldn't matter if Ash or the other characters don't fully evolve all of their Pokemon. The anime has shown time and time again that any Pokemon has potential to be powerful. It depends on how they are trained, not if they are evolved or not. This is easier considering this is the anime canon, not the game canon. - Rue

Ash's Turtwig was much stronger than Torterra. - yungstirjoey666

17 The Manga is better.

More of a subjective perspective. But I'll agree with that. - yungstirjoey666

18 Snorlax is the most powerful Pokemon in the anime

He learned six moves SIX MOVES!

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