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1 Charizard is the best Pokemon ever

Its literally just a dragon.

Charizard is very overrated. - ThatOneRacer

Charizard is so bad. Compared to every other dragon like pokémon, it's design is crap. Such a boring pokémon.

For Genwuuners he is. For TRUE fans, he's not the best. - SmashBall

2 Mewtwo is the strongest Pokemon EVER!

Just because you play pokemon go doesn't mean you know legit stuff about pokemon

I am mostly into generation I and this is false. Arceus is.

But my bisharp oneshotted mewtwo so HE IS THE STRONGEST POKEMON EVER! 111! 1! 1! 1!

But my bisharp oneshot mewtwo so HE IS THE STRONGEST POKEMON EVER! 111! 1! 1! 1!

3 Generation 5 has the worst Pokemon designs

Actually, they rarely know about the existence of subsequent generations. Or maybe I'm salty because gen 5 is my favorite.

Well they did, but it also had the best designs, like Hydreigon and Haxorous.

I like Oshawott and Snivy

OBJECTION! Muk,voltorb, tangela, diglett, dugtrio, eggseggscute, geodude, Jynx,

4 They're really running out of ideas

HELLO! Gen 1 had Nikki Minaj, a rock with arms, literal crap (Grimer) and EGGS for crying out loud!

*cough cough* VOLTORB *cough cough*

May I remind you of SEEL?

Gen 1 didn't have Nikki Minaj

5 They really should've stopped making games after the first ones

Pokemon is too popular, but Nintendo & Game Freak have been making more out of the Pokemon gaming franchise after Generation One, which is the weakest of all Pokemon generations. I can hear the Genwunners berating me now.

6 Pokemon Yellow was a gift from God

All of them were good

7 I remember when Legendary Pokemon, were actually legendaries

Well, they are always legendary, even to this day! - The Ultimate Daredevil

8 I can't keep up with all these new Pokemon

Dude, I can keep them up, just show me any Pokemon and I can name it. God, Genwunners are pathetic.

Neither can I, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the newer gens

9 Pokemon today are nothing but inanimate objects.

Fight me cause I like to protect all inanimate objects non gen 1 from those genwunners - Masterofal

This is just false

*magnemite intensifies*

Haha, your precious Generation 1 Pokemon are nobodies, the future Pokemon is much more than inanimate objects! :D - The Ultimate Daredevil, listening to male versions of Selena Gomez's stronger songs

10 They'll never make a Pokemon game as good as the first ones

Yungstirjoey666 - bugs and glitches I suppose you don't really like retro games.

Too many bugs and glitches - yungstirjoey666

I personally don't like the gen 1, 2 or 6 games, but I do like the pokemon in those generations. I wish the games would be pixelated again but not too old-looking like gen 1 and 2. Maybe like gen 5.

Except gen 2 gen 3 gen 4 gen 5 gen 6 gen 7... - Frouze

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11 Gen 1 is the best Pokemon Gen ever!!

Genwunners say this a lot - Villainnumberone

Is there such a thing as a female genwunner? ( because no female playable character )

I am sorry to leave you thinking that. It's just that, well, Generation 1 (aka Kanto) is the only Pokemon that I like less (and I mean much less mainly because it's the most underwhelming) that Genration 5, which is on par with Generation 2. My favorite/the strongest Pokemon Generation is Generation 4.

Lol a genwunner is disliking my comments

12 Ludicolo, Really, How racist! Jynx clearly wasn’t racist. It’s a shame

Jynx got two episodes banned for BEING in them.
Ludicolo? BROCK, a main character, had ome, and no episodes were banned. So there

Who in their right mind would like Jynx?

13 Pokemon Red is the best game ever

That is a biased opinion. They are all good but my personal favorite is HeartGold and SoulSilver

In reality, it's Pokemon Black 2.

The best Pokemon game is Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl. It's very smart, deep, witty, addictive and sharp.

Why ignore Platinum?
It's better than both Diamond and Pearl combined!

14 Everything after Gen 1 sucks

*laughs at the guy who commented before me*

Pokemon was really just a 90s fad...until Pokemon Go was released.
People who use the word Genwunners I'm guessing are bitter, moaners who just didn't grow up in the days when it was more popular, the card banning in schools (that wouldn't happen nowadays) and wanting the shiny card that you can now just buy on eBay.

15 It's not nostalgia, it's a fact.

No it's nostalgia

No, it's a literally silly opinion.

16 Fairy Type? What's that?

To the guy who said "don't judge me", I guess you might fit the "feminine boy" type of guy. do you also like pokemon contests? - Villainnumberone

Genwunners are this stupid?!

The fairy type is a good type, it have good pokemon like gardevoir or primarina and bad pokemon like klefki or sylveon - Unitywolf12

I'm a guy and Fairy is one of my favorite types. Don't Judge me.

17 Stop moaning because you didn't grow up when it was popular

Pokemon is more popular than it was in the 90's - Hydreaisevol

18 Wait? People evolve their Eevees, not with a thunder, fire, or water stone.

My Eevee refuses to evolve. - Villainnumberone

Yes I evolved my eevee into umbreon leveling up his level with max happiness in the night - Unitywolf12

19 Only the first 151 are original because they were made first, so nothing else is Pokémon

You touch mah primarina and delphox and your dead

Don't touch my umbreon okay?! - Unitywolf12

Don't insult my Skitty bby

20 Why are HMS gone. I miss the good old inconvenience of teaching my Charizard “cut”

I miss surfing on Kyogre outside of battle. Alpha Sapphire was great - Villainnumberone

Because Game Freak realized they were stupid

21 Any Pokemon past Gen 1 isn't even a Pokemon

Everything after Bulbasaur aren't Pokemon - yungstirjoey666

Don't touch my favorite pokemon umbreon! - Unitywolf12

Oh, don't you insult my Suicune bby.

22 The word genwunners is cyber-bullying.
23 You watched Teletubbies or The Tweenies in the 90s not Pokemon
24 No one hates fans of gen 1 My Little Pony, so leave gen 1 fans of Pokemon alone or else.
25 Are you allowed to take a Pokemon card to school?
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