Top Ten Things Pokemon Genwunners Say


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1 Mewtwo is the strongest Pokemon EVER!

Just because you play pokemon go doesn't mean you know legit stuff about pokemon - clw23

2 Charizard is the best Pokemon ever

Charizard is very overrated. - ThatOneRacer

For Genwuuners he is. For TRUE fans, he's not the best. - SmashBall

Charizard is the 2nd most underrated pokemon ever. (after Delphox)

3 Generation 5 has the worst Pokemon designs

Actually, they rarely know about the existence of subsequent generations. Or maybe I'm salty because gen 5 is my favorite. - keycha1n

Well they did, but it also had the best designs, like Hydreigon and Haxorous. - SmashBall

I like Oshawott and Snivy - Neonco31

4 They're really running out of ideas

HELLO! Gen 1 had Nikki Minaj, a rock with arms, literal crap (Grimer) and EGGS for crying out loud! - SmashBall

*cough cough* VOLTORB *cough cough*

May I remind you of SEEL? - Frouze

5 They really should've stopped making games after the first ones

Pokemon is too popular, but Nintendo & Game Freak have been making more out of the Pokemon gaming franchise after Generation One, which is the weakest of all Pokemon generations. I can hear the Genwunners berating me now.

6 Pokemon Yellow was a gift from God

All of them were good

7 I remember when Legendary Pokemon, were actually legendaries

Well, they are always legendary, even to this day! - The Ultimate Daredevil

8 I can't keep up with all these new Pokemon

Dude, I can keep them up, just show me any Pokemon and I can name it. God, Genwunners are pathetic. - SmashBall

9 Pokemon today are nothing but inanimate objects.

Haha, your precious Generation 1 Pokemon are nobodies, the future Pokemon is much more than inanimate objects! :D - The Ultimate Daredevil, listening to male versions of Selena Gomez's stronger songs

Uh then how do you explain pokemon like Decidueye, Kommo-o, and Tapu Koko? - ChiefMudkip

10 They'll never make a Pokemon game as good as the first ones

I personally don't like the gen 1, 2 or 6 games, but I do like the pokemon in those generations. I wish the games would be pixelated again but not too old-looking like gen 1 and 2. Maybe like gen 5.

Except gen 2 gen 3 gen 4 gen 5 gen 6 gen 7... - Frouze

Uh... gen 3-6?

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11 It's not nostalgia, it's a fact.

No, it's a literally silly opinion.

12 Gen 1 is the best Pokemon Gen ever!!

I am sorry to leave you thinking that. It's just that, well, Generation 1 (aka Kanto) is the only Pokemon that I like less (and I mean much less mainly because it's the most underwhelming) that Genration 5, which is on par with Generation 2. My favorite/the strongest Pokemon Generation is Generation 4.

Lol a genwunner is disliking my comments

Gen 5, sweetie

13 Pokemon Red is the best game ever

In reality, it's Pokemon Black 2.

The best Pokemon game is Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl. It's very smart, deep, witty, addictive and sharp.

14 Fairy Type? What's that?

Genwunners are this stupid?!

15 Any Pokemon past Gen 1 isn't even a Pokemon V 1 Comment
16 Only the first 151 are original because they were made first, so nothing else is Pokémon

Don't insult my Skitty bby

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