Top Ten Things To Pose As While You're Pretending to be a Statue


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1 A Bank Clerk, Collecting the Deposits from Pigeons

Is it collecting cash or (the eww deposits). I think we referring to the second. - Kiteretsunu

Hahalolzo! Loved this item! Might be a refreshing change for a bank clerk to go about doing this... - HezarioSeth

2 A Tree
3 Yourself

Just stand with your arms by your sides, looking gormless. - Britgirl

4 A Bird of Prey
5 A Human Chair
6 A Blow-up Doll

You should be able to attract a lot of attention, standing with legs astride and your mouth wide open. Hey, don't blame me if the wrong kind! You chose this pose! - Britgirl

7 PositronWildhawk

I actually tend to pose as historical dictators, one for each day of the week. - PositronWildhawk

Haha! I'm imagining "The Thinker" of Rodin. Amazing list, Britgirl! Wonderful as all your lists! - keyson

Not sure how a nerd pose looks but give it a go for the laughs at least ;D - Britgirl

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8 A Woodlouse
9 A Novelty Lampstand
10 A Serial Killer

Don't ask me how this pose would look, I've never been a serial Killer... - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 A Most Wanted Criminal
12 Crying Person
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