Top Ten Things the Power Rangers Franchise Should've Done

No matter how good or awful each season was, the Power Rangers series was not made without any mistakes. Many of those mistakes were so overlooked, some seasons didn't deserve to be popular. Anyway, here's a list of things that could've been done to make the series even better.

The Top Ten

1 Blue Rangers to be female instead of Yellow Rangers

This will only apply if the Yellow Sentai is male himself. Otherwise Blue must be male. - Interrogator

They did this for Mystic Force and Ninja Storm - 906389

2 Jetman was used instead of Zyuranger

Since Zyuranger only rode THEIR patrol vehicles in civilian attire, that would be the point.

Matter of fact, that old witch's ensemble appeared too objectionable for American children's television :-( - Interrogator

3 "In Space", Lightspeed Rescue, Mystic Force, and Megaforce should not have Red for their leaders

I believe Blue for Megaforce, Black for "In Space", Green for Lightspeed Rescue, and anyone other that Red for Mystic Force would've been better choices :-D - Interrogator

4 Ninja Storm did not have their sixth ranger as a human

Judging from how the helmet swaps it's visors, he could've been a Robot. - Interrogator

5 Mystic Force's Sixth Ranger was to be named Gold, Zeo's wasn't

You can see the truth for yourself. - Interrogator

6 That Beast Hunter character from GoGo V would've been used instead of having an American made ranger for their sixth

Just what is so great about that ranger? - Interrogator

7 No unnecessary seasons like Super Samurai and Dino Super Charge

I don't know about Dino super charge BUT SUPER SAMURAI HAS THE BEST PLOT TWIST. The series is incomplete without it. Nobody was expecting Lauren to return and it had everyone wanting Jaden back. I don't know sir I think u need to see this season

Need I say more - Interrogator

8 Time Force only had Red, Pink, Blue, and Green unlike their Japanese versions, while Yellow stays male.

Not letting Red be leader for Time Force instead of Pink only made an even bigger Mary Sue than in Timeranger O_o - Interrogator

9 Been canceled after season 3

How is it still around

10 Megaforce not being able to morph into previous teams

That ability can't be done by Goseiger at all - Interrogator

The Contenders

11 Kakuranger's adaption were humans rather than extraterrestrials with swelled up heads

Does anybody know how a creature with a rather larger than average cranium will be able to fit in those helmets? - Interrogator

12 Set their Gingaman adaptation on Earth
13 Power Rangers should make an adult series in HBO
14 Included the original Japanese violence, blood, and alcohol.

The thought of a corny show like Power Rangers having all those adult themes makes me laugh my arse off honestly. I know the original Japanese Live Action show it was based on had those, but it wouldn't fit in the Americanized version. - TwilightKitsune

15 Have the kids as Power Rangers

The blue ranger in power rangers turbo is a kid

16 Yellow Samurai was the tomboy instead of Pink Samurai

The Y&P pairs in Zeo, S.P.D., Operation Overdrive, Megaforce and Super Megaforce should've been Pink as tomboy, and Yellow as Girly Girl! - Interrogator

17 The following Pink Rangers were supposed to be Girly: "In Space", Time Force, Mystic Force, Mystic Force, Samurai, and Dino Charge,

Their non-pink counterparts, namely in Mystic Force and Dino Charge, were to be the tomboy instead! - Interrogator

18 Use original footage
19 Use CGI monsters
20 Add a female Red Ranger as a leader
21 Have a Power Ranger series title without the word "Force"
22 Revive season 3
23 Have the Power Ranger kids morph in Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers saga
24 Have the Rangers save the Ningetti Power Coins without getting them destroyed by Lord Zedd, Rita, and the others
25 Have more comic relief Power Rangers
26 Have a dog or animal companion as a Power Ranger
27 Revive Season 1
28 Been cancelled after 1999
29 Not been Americanized
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