Top 10 Things that Prove Kanye West is a Moron

This is a list of reasons why Kanye West could be called a stupid person for, let's begin.

The Top Ten Things that Prove Kanye West is a Moron

1 He thinks he's the best

Kanye West is the Kanye best

Yeah, he isn't the best but he's one of the best hip hop producers. He is awesome with samples and is a great rapper. He's an arrogant genius. - 445956

2 He went on stage interrupting Taylor, to say Beyonce made the "Greatest Music Video of all time"

I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift, but the fact that he interrupted her to say that, is just childish.

3 He Thinks Aids is a Man Made Disease

Dumb ass

4 He named his kid North


5 He Married Kim Kardashian
6 He thinks he can fix all the world's problems
7 He told a wheelchair bound man, to stand up in one of his concerts
8 He tried to get Beck to give up his reward for Beyonce
9 He compares himself to other people all the time
10 He can't take a joke

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11 He thinks he is god.

Maybe he should start his own church. Mel Gibson has one why not.

12 He's a flat earther
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