Top Ten Things in Puella Magi Madoka Magica that are Superior to Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero


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1 Epilogue

I also want to mention that I don't hate Yuki Yuna is a Hero, it's not awful. Though magical girl animes who try to copy Madoka Magica's strong points end up being inferior or failing miserably. Yuki Yuna is inferior while Daybreak Illusion just fails to do things right. - Rue

A thing I like from the Madoka epilouge is how It wasn't a sad nor happy ending. Now the magical girls don't have to suffer anymore and the dead magical girls have been resurrected in the new world Madoka made, but now Madoka has now transcended to a higher plane of existence as she is the goddess of the new universe and no one remembers her anymore except Homura as she saw what happened. And Sayaka still dies, too. Homura is now alone again and you can see her in grief of Madoka's transcending at the time after she, Mami and Kyoko defeated a wraith and Sayaka died.
While In Yuuki Yuuna, the whole thing is reseted and everyone got their lost body parts back without sacrifice. Yuuna may be in a vegetative state for a few scenes, but later on she got better and she could walk again. Simple conclusion. Bittersweet ending>Happy ending - MLPFan

Oh, and to be honest most of the popularity of YuYuYu is from the Madoka Magica vibes and how the writer wrote Akame Ga Kill! Not for It being so good or anything. Heck, If Akame Ga Kill wasn't a popular anime and there was no Madoka Magica, this show wouldn't even have half of It's current fanbase. - MLPFan

2 Story

Both have a similar premise, but Madoka did the whole thing a lot better in my opinion - MLPFan

3 Pacing

Even how horrible Daybreak Illusion is, it went straight to the point with the psychological horror aspect. Even so, that anime is still a cluster that's so awful and people literally watch Daybreak Illusion to rip it apart. - Rue

Madoka Magica only had 2 slice of life episodes and the rest of the series and movies were dedicated for It's brutal dark side, In fact It was a cosmic horror story like Neon Genesis Evangelion and a psychological like Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni with the disguise of a magical girl show like Sailor moon, Ojamajo Doremi or the Precure series(Yes, I'm not lying or overly exaggerating the series to make it look "cool" or "edgy". THIS Is what Madoka Magica actually is. A psychological-cosmic horror. And Madoka was also among the animes inspired by Faust)
While Yuuki Yuuna, at least 7 episodes were flipping SLICE OF LIFE. They promised us the violence and horror in Madoka Magica's level, but instead what we were given is slice of life crap. In fact It feels like watching Lucky star for most of the time. And the plot twist was forced and was a trying to hard. - MLPFan

4 Character Designs

The character design in Yuuki Yuuna were quiet generic in my opinion. The main cast look like how everyone else in the anime would. While In Madoka they characters had enough style in to them to make them look different with each other. - MLPFan

5 OSTs

While a lot of Yuuki Yuuna OSTs sound like some kind of remake of Madoka OSTs and sound really similar for some times, the Madoka OSTs amaze me a lot more. - MLPFan

6 Enemy Designs

In my opinion, The enemies look weird and trying to hard. They don't give you nightmare fuel or such. Madoka witches had that creepy nightmarish look in them. - MLPFan

7 Alternate Universe Designs

The alternate universe in YuYuYu were too bright and It looked like what happens if the moon was filled with bright, colorful colours. Madoka simply beats YuYuYu to the ground for this category, as the Madoka AUs were creepy, but at the same times lively and sometimes dark. I like the Elsa Maria, the Charlotte and the Octavia witch labyrinths the most. - MLPFan

8 Animation

Because of SHAFT. - MLPFan

9 Prologue

I like the Walpurgis Night Dream prolouge in Madoka more than the Hero Club Doing A Puppet Show For Kids prolouge - MLPFan

10 Characters

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11 Plot Twists
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