Things That Put You Down

Cookie contemplates... Any thoughts about this list? This is my first list that has not to do with music, cinema and books. Read it if you like and add your thoughts or even silently disapprove of it and get it out of your mind and out of your system! As you see, I deliberately left space for you to write the things that put YOU down.

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1 Good intentions that turn bad

I think that it happens more often than it should in our World.

2 Lack of Sensitivity

I bet everyone thinks for themselves that they are sensitive, but I have news for you, not everyone really is.

3 Intolerance

Everyone wants to be right, so they don't give a damn about other people's need to be right.

4 Trashing Others

Some people find it cute and entertaining. Well, it is entertaining but only in art, not in real life!

5 Cynicism

I don't think it's something that implies intelligence as many people think. It's a great weakness, a result of an insatiable, and 'funny' bitterness.

6 Redundant Lies

Lies sometimes are even useful, but I don't appreciate at all redundant lies. They make someone seem fake and idiotic. I know that people are fragile entities, but when redundant lies are used in an almost daily basis, it is lack of sensitivity, isn't it?

7 Bullies

Yes, it would be unfair indeed, but a lot of people are unfair and they don't find it in their heart to accept it or realize it. Thanks for supporting me in your own subtle way anonymous. Now as it comes to the other anonymous person who trashed me, he/she doesn't leave room for a dialogue. It really surprised me that he said that he has friends, because the way he writes implies the opposite. I don't really know what's the deeper issues of this personal attack, really, I find it creepy and repulsive. 'In my lonely heart' I think that you don't have the right to write all this garbage and to twist my intentions and my words bitter anonymous. I didn't reply for you, but for other kind and gentle people who have to deal in their everyday life with aggressive fools like you. By the way, you didn't tease me as you wrote, you were plainly aggressive, there is nothing constructive in your attitude, only misunderstanding and bad intentions.

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8 Anonymous Idiots Who Want to Be Known

O I don't want to be known, I want to stay in the shadows, but by the way, "I WANT EVERYONE TO CALL ME ******! BUT PLEASE REMEMBER THAT I WANT TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS AS I VALUE MY PRIVACY! " This really irritates me to the point that makes my blood itch! Yes, I, too am an anonymous TopTenner and have been for nearly a year now. You won't know me by my comments because I vary them so as not to be noticed (unlike some) I don't flirt or try to make friends with other TopTenners; (I have real friends away from the internet if I need a laugh or a shoulder) I come to this awesome site, make lists and comments and then quietly leave the site again. I will never create an account because I (again, unlike some, ) really do wish to remain totally anonymous!

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