Top Ten Best Things Rainbow Dash Did

The Top Ten Best Things Rainbow Dash Did

1 Did the Sonic Rainboom that got everyone their cutie marks

The show wouldn't exist if it wasn't for her giving them their cutie marks! - RiverClanRocks

Rainbow did it all. Flutter gets zero credit.

Yes she did - Neonco31

2 Saved Rarity and the Wonderbolts in Sonic Rainboom
3 Saved all her friends from falling to their deaths.


Hero 4life.

4 Stood up for Fluttershy when she was being bullied
5 Took Scootaloo under her wing

She looks like a sister to her - Neonco31

6 Called Twilight an egghead

It is funny because it's a harmless affectionate nickname.

No. She clearly said "reading is for eggheads like you". That's not being nice. That's being rude. - Ultron123


What the? - Neonco31

7 Made Fluttershy cry

Everything makes Fluttershy cry.

Wow. Just No! - Neonco31

8 Taught Twilight how to fly

Yeah Twily be grateful!

9 Protected Gilda when she was being bullied

Gilda was actually a lot like Fluttershy when she was a kid.

10 Saved Ponyville from several disasters

She's probably saved more ponies than any other character.

The Contenders

11 Slap Applejack

That’s not okay dude why!? - Logicx2

That's not GOOD at all - Neonco31

I loved when she slapped Applejack!

12 Saving the Powerpuff Girls in Double Rainboom.

I actually hate the double rainboom episode, they make the ppg look bad just because rainbow dash is popular doesn't mean she is strong, in the actual show she is not even close to the girl's level. The ppg are way stronger than they were in here. In the actual show, they can actually kick monsters like the one here very easily.

I hate this episode, no offense to the fan who made this, they did an amazing job with the animation, but I don't like the plot. It makes the PPG look bad, like they are annoying brats when they really aren't and it makes them look weak. The PPG aren't annoying brats or weak, in fact, all three of them are stronger than Rainbow Dash.

13 Let Scootaloo experience flying.
14 Saved Twilight's life twice in the premier
15 Did the sonic rainboom 3 or 4 times

It was awesome!

16 Shouted at her parents

WHAT?! And you think that's a good thing to do?!

17 Helped Scootaloo deal with her inability to fly
18 Helped Fluttershy during the hurricane
19 Quit the Wonderbolts

Well briefly, but she had a good reason.

She what?!

20 Saved her teammates during the friendship games
21 Saved Equestria's future
22 Fought for Equestria despite losing her wing
23 Saving Fluttershy on a regular basis
24 Engaging in friendly banter
25 Prank all of ponyville successfully

Get a sense of humor.

26 Save Daring Do

As well as all Equestria.

27 Learn to love reading

So you can't say she never learns anything, morons!

28 Helped defeat the Changelings

One of the sweetest things done by the beautiful rainbow-haired girl I love. TwilightKitsune, we can agree to just disagree about Dash. (P.S. I actually hate her, I'm mocking all the fans. Twilightkitsune, you ROCK GIRL! )

29 Rallied the spirits of her E.G. classmates

I just love this moment for the kickass song. ❤️ - Thifer20

30 Saved Scootaloo from doing a dangerous stunt
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