Top 10 Things That Really Shouldn't Be In Your Freezer

The Top Ten

1 Your oven

Wow - Bammer73

Hot and cold. No contradiction here - Randomator

I don't understand why this list isn't popular. Terrific work Cyri. - TriggerTrashKid

What a combo! - Cyri

2 Your pet
3 A fishbowl

As bad as it sounds, it would probably look really cool, kinda like a cartoon. That or the fish would look like one of those cavemen that we're found frozen in ice, which basically means it wouldn't look good. - RogerMcBaloney

4 A murder victim

I predicted this would be on the list fairly high you did not disappoint me. - Powell

I went straight to the dark side, much to Luke's disappointment. - Cyri

5 A heater
6 Your siblings

Now you tell me... I thought it was a great idea - SirSheep

Not that they'd fit - MaxAurelius

7 A much needed blood transfusion

President Terry (making up names is fun) is dying! We heard you had- OH, FOR THE LOVE OF- - Cyri

8 An important document

Take the Declaration of Independence, for example. Independence would fall to a frozen pizza box. - Cyri

9 A dead body
10 A bomb

The Contenders

11 Your vacuum cleaner
12 Electronic devices

Thanks, SirSheep.
The cold device wouldn't be fun to hold. - Cyri

13 Someone's kidney
14 A dead animal

Actually these are in most peoples freezers all the time is this item advocating for vegetarianism? - Powell

15 Your virginity
16 Your mom
17 A toaster
18 Ant farm
19 Your bedsheets
20 A dead woman’s foot with Jerry Brudos’ autograph signed onto it

This is oddly specific. - Cyri

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