Top Ten Things Relating to Animal Rights That Should Happen by 2021

The Top Ten Things Relating to Animal Rights That Should Happen by 2021

1 Zoos, circuses, marine parks, etc are shut down

Zoos are meant for people to look at and learn about animals. Nothing wrong with that. Hey, at least the zookeepers take care of the animals though, PETA members! - JoeBoi

Not all zoos or aquariums. The Seattle Aquarium is actually a really nice place, with a few flaws. And by circuses, you mean the ones with animals, right? - RoseWeasley

A lot of zoos are great at caring for their animals. Zoos are great for research, for conserving animal populations, for donations to the natural world, and for giving people the experience of seeing and learning about animals around the world. Cruel zoos usually are and should be shut down. The zoo where I live keeps injured animals and also releases its alligators to a nature reserve in Florida when they get too big for the tank. Not all zoos are cruel. Keep them. - GhostBird

Whoever made this list had good intentions but is acting like a die-hard environmentalist. Not all of the aforementioned things are like this. Many of them actually have good intentions, but the media manipulates you into believing that everyone who does it is bad. No wonder I support welfare, not rights. Animals are important, yes, but more important than humans? No. - Swellow

2 Animal testing is illegal

It should be punishable by death unless it's to cure cancer or AIDS - RoseWeasley

Or people get fined for it. My oh my, that stupid shop Pink would lose out on a LOAD of money, whilst Lush lives up the lush life.
- TheDuttyGyal

Kiteretsunu don't test on innocent nimals, test on evil death row prisoners

Animal testing sucks. Though most vaccines and medicines we use SAFELY is a product of that. A necessary evil, maybe. As for vitro method, I don't think that would work (at least in case of testing of vaccines). - Kiteretsunu

3 Wearing fur becomes punishable by a long painful death

Okay that's too far. Why not make killing animals for fur illegal? - RoseWeasley

That's too extreme just for wearing something, sorry but it's true. - XxembermasterxX

This is the kind of radical stuff that makes people hate activists. Sorry, but this is insane. - keycha1n

This shouldn't be here. Just jail for a year. I know it's a death of an animal and that you are an animal lover, but what if your best friend wore fur in 2021? Would you want her to die? - AnonymousChick

4 Puppy mills are shut down

This I agree with. No animal should have to live in a condition like this. - RiverClanRocks

Look at my list to adopt and not shop and you'll see why these puppy hells are terrible. - ToptenPizza

Agreed - Destroyar4699

Agreed. - Swellow

5 All animals producing eggs, milk etc must be free range

Free range tastes better in my opinion. Ben and Jerry's is free range and some of the best ice cream ever. - ToptenPizza

If this was a new law, it would actually be hard to survive.

Ben and Jerry's is my favorite too

Hmmm maybe I'll try free range - BorisRule

6 Hunting as a sport is illegal

All of these answers should be banned but like this seriously first hunting is banned the good, AND YOU BRING IT UP AS A SPORT? Like what in the world? Like that makes no sense, obviously hunters have no common sense, plus I didn't know that hunting is a sport... but I am glad to know this, people just ruins nature.

Please, not spiders, wolves, bees, and savanna animals. I love them all and if me and my cousin Chris sees any hunter killing them, they get it back

I disagree. Hunting is needed to avoid over population. I HATE people who hunt endangered animals or people who just leave the bodies for no reason.

If people still want to eat meat they should stop being lazy @$$3$ and get a gun and shoot a deer, because that is ok, they are getting it more humanely, but just shooting a beautaful, endangered tiger for sport is terrible, I mean, what did he do to deserve the death penalty? Lets send them to North Korean torture camps! - ToptenPizza

7 Attacking an animal unprovoked becomes punishable to going to a North Korean torture camp

Yes, animal abuse is a horrible, devastating thing and I really wish that it would stop but, again, you're crossing the line. I understand: by 2021, you want people to be punished for attacking an animal. But since you wanna be that radical, we must also send them to North Korea I guess and torture. Hope Kin Jung Un will be welcoming to his new visitors once 2021 comes around.

Haha! Sorry, this is ridiculous. Let's see a law like this get passed. This is brutal, extreme, and just a little concerning. So it's not okay to hurt animals but it's okay to horribly torture and kill people? Animal abuse is terrible and should be stopped, but this...

I heard about some kids who put firecrackers into a dogs mouth and taped it shut. When I hereabout that I want them to be beaten senseless. They are absolute garbage. - SammySpore

This is insane. I get that you don't want animals to be hurt but this is taking it WAY too far. A more appropriate punishment would be a fine. - RiverClanRocks

8 Slaughter houses are shut down

I have no problem with eating meat. I DO have a problem with how we aquire it. Which was why I felt alright about eating my pet chickens; I'd given them a good, full life and they were killed in the best way possible (they tasted awful, but that's irrelevant). I'm not okay with eating meat that comes from slaughterhouses because I don't believe in supporting the companies that torture animals for a living. I refuse to give them business. However, its utterly impossible to provide meat for the whole human population through local farms. So if you want to eat meat without slaughterhouses, I'm not sure what half of the world would do. - keycha1n

I think that a lot of slaughterhouses are run poorly, cruelly, and messily, which causes unnecessary pain to the animals. But we can't shut down all slaughterhouses; we literally can't. What would the world do to get meat? 80% of the world is too lazy, fat, tender-hearted or inexperienced to hunt down and kill their own food. What are we going to do, turn cows and sheep loose in the wild to wreak havoc on native species? I think the cruelty in slaughterhouses should be stopped, for sure. It's possible to get meat in a humane, painless way.

I'm a vegetarian but I'm fine if you eat meat.I do have a problem with Slaughterhouses.You should hunt instead because animals get to live free before they are eaten while in slaughterhouses they are abused everyday. - DarkBoi-X

Why do people think eating meat is WRONG? So, here is slaughterhouse: animal dies long painful death. Here is hunting: pick a deer that is going to die anyway, shoot it and eat it. Sure, we could shut down slaughter houses, but we would have 2 hunt instead

Because before its death, at least the deer lived its life of freedom. - Kiteretsunu

9 Putting animals in cages where they can't move is illegal

Yes, unless you are taking them to a vet in a car. They can be dangerous in there.

I count that as captivity, cages should be illegal for dogs, especially the small ones. - ToptenPizza

I agree with main idea, but I don't think all cages should be banned. What if an animal is in a cage just to go to the vet? - RalphBob

Illegal only for torture. - BorisRule

Ok, for torture or poaching it's illegal. Now putting your dog in a kennel while going somewhere is ok if absolutely necessary and for a short amount of time - Destroyar4699

10 Using animal bodies as decorations is illegal

Once I was in Oregon with my cousins for vacation a few years ago and where we all slept, there was a stuffed deer head. I felt like crying a bit. - AnonymousChick

How is this an animal right? The animal's already dead. You can't infringe on peoples' rights to decorate their own private property however they want. - GhostBird

Animal decorations were fairly popular during the nineteenth and early 20th century. Wow! And we say we do things humanely. - Kiteretsunu

That is something we should get rid of though why solve that when you solve it and clothing? - Destroyar4699

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11 PETA shuts down

PETA has made mockery of animal rights which what should have been serious matter. They even went so low as to start a petition to ban Pokemon because it promoted animal abuse. Wow?!? Really? I think Pokemon actually teaches us to be kind to animals. It's just the opposite. - Kiteretsunu

The Pokemon protests are just ridiculous in my opinion. Who cares about some fictional characters with no soul/emotion when REAL animals are suffering. I think the problem PETA has with Pokémon is it is sort of like dog fights, but it's not. The Pokemons are treated well and comforted if lost but in dog fights they are treated brutally and beaten badly if lost. - ToptenPizza

And have we mentioned that most of the pets that go through PETA's doors are euthanized for fun?!

If this happened there would be no more horrible Pokemon spoofs! YES! - RiverClanRocks

Hell yes.They are hypocrites as they kill dogs and cats just for the fun of it. - DarkBoi-X

12 Make PETA rule the world

That's bad for animals and humans. - XxembermasterxX

Two words:
Hell no - RadioHead03

Just a troll item. - JoeBoi

Please no - ElSherlock

13 Make killing mosquitoes illegal

No! I want mosquitoes to go extinct and I'll kill theme never make killing mosquitoes illegal because they spread diseases like yellow fever and malaria and if a mosquitos houst is a pregnant woman than the baby could have birth defects. So you're killing a mosquito for your own good.

No.Kill every mosquito on Earth.I would be happy if they all died. - DarkBoi-X

What?!?! Mosquitos bit me many many times. - BorisRule

No I want it to be legal. - RadioHead03

14 Abusing Animals becomes punishable by being imprisoned for life and being forced to listen to SpongeBob's laugh on a loop.

This is even more radical and overboard than my punishments, good work. - ToptenPizza

I would rather do that than go to jail.

15 Feral cats are hunted

The most destructive invasive species on the planet to small animals. They kill billions upon billions of native birds and small mammals. Keep them indoors or get the gun. - emraldYE

What horrible sick ass put this here?! Feral cats are only following their instinct. They are carnivores. Anyone who hates feral cats is an animal hater.

Millions upon millions of birds are killed each year by feral cats, and the cats shouldn't be there. Yes, cats should have rights, but when they're infringing on the rights of species that are native, their rights become lesser than that of the natives. People need to stop thinking of feral cats as just roaming-free wild pets that should be loved and not harmed, and instead think of them as a harmful pest species. Wildlife have rights, too. Cats have been responsible for many animal extinctions. - GhostBird

There are populations of 30 so cats who hang around on people's property sometimes, and have no food, these need to be taken to shelters so they don't starve or annoy old people with guns.

16 Food made out of animals should be banned

A extreme vegan added this, Sorry, but nothing is gonna make me stop eating chicken wings now bye! - XxembermasterxX

No I like real burgers sorry

Probably a vegan. - Luckys

We know who added this - ElSherlock

17 Classifying eating meat cannibalism

Dear god the PETA supporters found this list. - XxembermasterxX

Lol this list is so funny - Luckys


18 Dog and cat meat is outlawed

This is pretty rude to cultures who eat these meats. - XxembermasterxX

19 Polar bears, pandas, and rhinos can't be hunted. Fine 50,000 dollars

Add all big cats to this list and make the penalty DEATH. Do it now because these animals will all be extinct by 2021!

Too serious of a fine

Sorry! This goes against the 8th amendment

I AGREE! - PeeledBanana

20 Elephants shouldn't be hunted for anything

Screw the elephant hunters

Since elephants w/ larger tusks are hunted the process of selective breeding or whatever will cause elephants to have no tusks eventually, apparently.


21 Goldfish bowls should be banned

Contrary to popular belief, a goldfish bowl is very cruel and it is animal abuse. Goldfish need at least 30 gallons (per fish) as they can grow a lot. Additionally, goldfish produce a lot of waste, which in turns worsens the water quality pretty quickly. A small bowl will make the water horribly bad for the poor animal living inside of it. Goldfish are also very intelligent fish and they DO NOT have a 3 second memory. People should do their research before the purchase of any animal.

Give them a bigger space or already bigger bowl. Problem solved. - BorisRule

The bowl has to be big if having more than one fish. - XxembermasterxX

22 Hamster mills are shut down
23 Big Lick banned everywhere

Animal sex is banned though already

Tennisee walking horses' legs are sored and covered/wrapped in acid so that they will step higher, which people find "beautiful". It should be banned for obvious reasons, and owners of horses that are sored and hurt should recieve the death penalty.

I’m sorry, but what is Big Lick? - PhoenixAura81

24 Big cats can't be killed for fur

Stupid reason to kill an innocent animal.

25 Make stepping on rats illegal

They are on of most intelligent animals nice that losers call them vermin when some people keep them as pets you punks - Flowerrose

Stepping on rats is evil rats are cute creatures that should not be killed

Only if they are found out to have a deadly disease. - XxembermasterxX

What if it was on accident

26 Animal abuse becomes punishable by being thrown to the sun

Seriously? You're getting too unrealistic. Even though it is very funny.

27 Killing cats and dogs is recognized as a violation of the sixth commandment
28 Harming animals of any type and/or kind very well being punishable by spankings
29 Kitten mills are shut down

They are just every bit as terrifying as puppy mills!

30 All bad dog/cat food will be off the shelves

All dog food with lots of grains and no meat (like Beneful) gets sick dogs & cats. Spend the few extra dollars on a good fur baby food. Also make sure to get bad grocery store brands off the shelf.

31 Burn the circuses
32 Hunting animals for their ivory banned

I HATE this. It drives me bananas, people hunting down helpless creature only for some stupid MONEY?! They are hurting a family, herd, and as a whole, species.

It's already illegal, I thought? In the US anyways. - LordDovahkiin

33 Declawing made illegal

Sometimes animals need to be declawed

My dog needed this of his nail would start to stab him. he would prbably have gotten an infection and died eventually

Contrary to popular belief, declawing a cat is not just the "removal of their claws". A cat's claw grows from the bone, so therefore, to remove it requires the removal of the entire digit. Try to imagine trying to walk, jump, run, or do other "cat things" without toes! If this isn't enough to convince you, here are some additional reasons to avoid declawing:
1) Cats will be cats. If they're aggravated with you and can't use their front class, then they will resort to other methods of "communication", all of which is more painful to you. These include biting, and kicking/scratching you with their more powerful hind legs.
2) Scratching is a natural cat behavior. When scratching, cats pull out, this strengthens and tones leg muscles, and is the equivalent to a human lifting at the gym.
3) Declawing can lead to depression.
4) The surgery and recovery is quite painful, and a cat could be permanently crippled.
5) If your cat accidentally escapes, they will need all four sets ...more - Kittylicious

34 Make abandoning pets punishable by a prison sentence

For how long though? - XxembermasterxX

35 Make more conservation zoos and shut down the bad (roadside) zoos
36 Yulin Dog Meat Festival gets banned
37 Feral dogs are hunted

No. This isn’t the same as feral cats. Feral dogs do miniscule harm to wildlife. Cats, on the other hand, are a force of extinction. - emraldYE

Rude! - XxembermasterxX

DISRESPECT! - ArcticWolf

38 Shark Fin Soup gets banned
39 Animal abuse becomes punishable to life in prison

That's stupid - Crizz

40 Poaching becomes punishable by being mauled by a rhino

Let's see how you get the rhino. - XxembermasterxX

41 Brands that test on animals have to pay a fine

That's not extreme enough most companies already have the money to pay the fine. - XxembermasterxX

Yahaha... would make me smile to see Pink shut down. Their logo is a DOG and they TEST THEIR COSMETICS ON ANIMALS. HOW IRONIC!
- TheDuttyGyal

42 Killing dogs or cats is punishable by life without parole

Screw Davis was in I hope she does in hell!

43 Leaving animals to die in the cold is punishable by being forced to take a liquid nitrogen shower
44 No more meat
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