Top Ten Things Relating to Animal Rights That Should Happen by 2021


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21 All bad dog/cat food will be off the shelves

All dog food with lots of grains and no meat (like Beneful) gets sick dogs & cats. Spend the few extra dollars on a good fur baby food. Also make sure to get bad grocery store brands off the shelf.

22 Burn the circuses
23 Hamster mills are shut down
24 Big Lick banned everywhere

Tennisee walking horses' legs are sored and covered/wrapped in acid so that they will step higher, which people find "beautiful". It should be banned for obvious reasons, and owners of horses that are sored and hurt should recieve the death penalty.

25 Hunting animals for their ivory banned

I HATE this. It drives me bananas, people hunting down helpless creature only for some stupid MONEY?! They are hurting a family, herd, and as a whole, species.

I want all poachers to get killed by lions! I HATE POACHERS - PeeledBanana

It's already illegal, I thought? In the US anyways. - LordDovahkiin

26 Declawing made illegal

My dog needed this of his nail would start to stab him. he would prbably have gotten an infection and died eventually - EliHbk

Contrary to popular belief, declawing a cat is not just the "removal of their claws". A cat's claw grows from the bone, so therefore, to remove it requires the removal of the entire digit. Try to imagine trying to walk, jump, run, or do other "cat things" without toes! If this isn't enough to convince you, here are some additional reasons to avoid declawing:
1) Cats will be cats. If they're aggravated with you and can't use their front class, then they will resort to other methods of "communication", all of which is more painful to you. These include biting, and kicking/scratching you with their more powerful hind legs.
2) Scratching is a natural cat behavior. When scratching, cats pull out, this strengthens and tones leg muscles, and is the equivalent to a human lifting at the gym.
3) Declawing can lead to depression.
4) The surgery and recovery is quite painful, and a cat could be permanently crippled.
5) If your cat accidentally escapes, they will need all four sets ...more - Kittylicious

27 Food made out of animals should be banned

After seeing these meat industry truth videos, I feel like a complete ass hole for eating meat. - PeeledBanana

People kill fish pigs etc. this is causing animals extinction :( - Stevenpenguin

28 Make stepping on rats illegal

Stepping on rats is evil rats are cute creatures that should not be killed

Rats are living creatures that shouldn't be stepped on like scum. - PeeledBanana

Rats are bad, they make little kids scream and annoy me and they carry viruses like crazy. but are cute... but stepping is too much. but you won't stop rats from getting stepped on. - EliHbk

They are rats. They are vermin. They destroy homes, and cause disease. - LordDovahkiin

29 Make PETA rule the world
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1. Zoos, circuses, marine parks, etc are shut down
2. Wearing fur becomes punishable by a long painful death
3. All animals producing eggs, milk etc must be free range
1. Hunting as a sport is illegal
2. Using animal bodies as decorations is illegal
3. Putting animals in cages where they can't move is illegal
1. Zoos, circuses, marine parks, etc are shut down
2. Wearing fur becomes punishable by a long painful death
3. All animals producing eggs, milk etc must be free range

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