Top Ten Things to Remember About TheTopTens In 2015

Sorry if this list is cruddy, I sense I'm rusty. This is an homage to the lovely 2015 for all the TopTenners. Stick around for another year y'all-please!

The Top Ten

1 The retired users.

It feels like it has been forever since those users were here... - EpicJake

I miss a lot of them, especially Turkeyasylum. - Therandom

Well, at least UHX is back!

Yea, I can't login to my animefan account. - styLIShT

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2 The old website format.

August of 2015, TheTopTens changed from their signature blue and green format in favor of the orange you see currently. This was a huge shock at the time and the new theme is now the norm, but lets take time to fondly remember the old one! - keycha1n

I miss the old one so much. This new layout isn't that bad, but still I prefer the old one. - cosmo

Brings back so many memories. I miss it. Mostly the colors. - Jonerman

I was a visitor that year.

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3 The new users.

Joined that year. But couldn't do much - zxm

I joined in 2015. - Brobusky

From Maddie to Kris to TopTenPizza and Pony, there were a buttload of new members joining the site in 2015! - keycha1n

4 Britgirl's absence and return.

We saw an incredibly lengthy time when Britgirl was unable to access most parts of her account, and it wasnt until the format change that she could utilize the whole site again. here's to her return! **clink** - keycha1n

5 PositronWildhawk's various milestones.

No, I'm not going to list them, I don't have all day!

And while we're at it, let's give a shout-out to all the milestones you all have hit! - keycha1n

6 The battles.

The user battles. Seen a few, been in a lot. - Therandom

No, not the small feuds between users, things like the No-Hate Week and admin's policy (kind of) rebellions. - keycha1n

Been there, done that. - Puga

The Danteem wars will never be forgotten. - EpicJake

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7 PositronWildhawk's and SuperHyperdude's respective contests.

SHD is an unforgettable user all on his own, but his contest was a pretty innovative idea, that was followed up by Pos shortly later. I also love the raps that I've created for them! (#Cha1ndawg2k16) - keycha1n

8 Pranks!

Oh yeah! I loved helping with these! - Therandom

I would not like a pohtato. - Puga

IT'S JUST A PRANK BRO. - IronSabbathPriest


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9 Admin's first list.
10 All the lists and blogs created

An only too-umbrella'd item, I know, but this is just a good way to tie all of our hard work in! - keycha1n

The Contenders

11 A strong prevailing spirit of community
12 The hatred of Justin Bieber

That's something to remember, not because it was justified, it was because so many people were hating on him ON EVERY SINGLE LIST. It's one of the stupidest things that happened in 2015, and pray to god it doesn't happen again. - SwagFlicks

13 The fake accounts
14 The Great LunaDude1996 Controversy

He threatened to use voodoo on users and to hack accounts.

15 Users who were very friendly
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