Top 10 Things to Remember About Your First Day of High School

The Top Ten Things to Remember About Your First Day of High School

1 There Older Kids Everywhere

I remember walking by a few tall girls when I first got to my high school on my first day of high school I remember it made me really nervous

There was tall kids all over my school took me the first week to get used to it, felt really odd on my first day of high school

I remember it making me nervous seeing the halls filled with tall people everywhere

5 years ago tuesday was mine time flies, I remember it felt kinda odd not seeing young kids in my school that were in grade 1 2 or 3

2 There's Bullies

One bully was rude to me the first day of school on the first block he was rude to me like everyday for the first semester

And the saddest thing is that bullies continue to exist even in your last day in school.

They set me up and give me death threats or call me a stalker/rapist when I wasn't doing that stuff

There always was, and unfortunately, there always will be...

3 It Take Awhile to Find Your Classes

My school was big I got lost for all 4 of my classes for the first few days of school lucky my teachers weren't angry when I was late,

I remember getting lost trying to find my art class and math class was lost the worst on the first day

Yes, at the beginning of they year, I got confused of where I have classes. Luckily, my nice teachers understood so I never got into trouble.

4 There Lunch Is Awesome

If prison food qualifies as awesome ok then...

Wrong! Cafeteria lunches suck! - RiverClanRocks

You’d be wrong... Well, it depends on the school, but my school’s lunches aren’t that good. - 3DG20

5 Big Gym
6 It'll Take Time to Open Your Locker

I had a 3 code lock that took me a a week to learn I was late for my first class by 5 mins, same with my class after lunch

And 95% of the time people are already blocking it anyway so you have to wait 10 minutes just to grab your equipment.

True it did take awhile to figure out mine

Dumb lockers. At least I'm homeschooled!

7 Your Classes Are In the Middle of Nowhere
8 There's Tons of Clubs to Join
9 The hallways were huge
10 It's not hard to make a new friend

It kind of is when everyone either seems sarcastic or are only your friend when they want to be.

True. In Middke School it's actually pretty easy. I met a new girk today,super nice.

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11 You Were An Idiot

This one, I will definitely remember about my first day of high school.

12 The Place Is Crawling With Hot Girls!

Correction: The place is crawling with girls that put on pounds of makeup, can sometimes be super rude and full of themselves and are apparently the definition of "hot". Of course, not all girls are like this, but some can be and I hate them!

This should be #1

13 You Only Have 5 Minutes to Get to Your Next Class

I did 5 mins to get to classes from block 1 to 2 and block 3 to 4 - trains45

My high school used to have a passing time of 4 minutes then they extended it to 5 minutes.

This one isn’t that bad unless the hallway is full of traffic. - 3DG20

Only five minutes? That sucks in my opinion.

14 Don't Eat the Hot Dogs

My high school never served hot dogs

15 Getting lost at lunch

My school is big I remember getting lost finding the cafeteria for the few few days, the first day I got lost for half of the lunch break, I still found it and able to eat my lunch in time

I got lost for 10 mins trying to find the cafeteria I asked the principal where is was when I was about 10 mins looking for it , if I didn't I probably would of been lost for a long time

I remember I did on my first day of high school trying to find the cafeteria I went the wrong way then went a way that did meat the cafeteria at the end

I remember my high school was big I got lost finding the cafeteria for 10-15 mins I had to ask a teacher to help me find the cafeteria it was good thing my lunch break was 52 mins and I still have about 30 mins left to eat

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