Best Things to Reply When Someone Says "Go to Hell"

There are many arrogant blockheads who say this, reply them with these, feel free to add your opinion.

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1 Wait... you are telling me to go to your home? No thanks.

Many of these are so good! I don't know which one to reply!

Haha haha I can't stop laughing - Righteous

Hell is his home? Lol - Neonco31

AHAHAAHAH LOL - TwilightKitsune

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2 I will see you there

This one is so badass

Oh yes I will - Neonco31

3 You are talking so it feels like hell already V 1 Comment
4 Brush your teeth...

Haha this would stun them. But it has to be said a femtosecond afterwards... Try it! - Britgirl

5 Hell is hot so... which hot place are you telling me to go to...? V 1 Comment
6 I'm too cool for that ya know...
7 No, I'm not following ya...
8 Not interested in your fairytale.

Yeah, only Cinderella goes to hell - TwilightKitsune

Love it

9 Hell is better than you, because it doesn't seems to resemble the foul smell of your mouth.
10 Oh, I'm so afraid!

The Contenders

11 You first

Yeah, you first! - Neonco31

12 Nah... You deserve that place more than anyone V 1 Comment
13 Hell doesn't exist, dumbass

Yeah, dumbass!

Unless you're an atheist, it does! - Neonco31

14 Oh, you're a Megadeth fan too?

Go to Hell is a sing by Megadeth - Brobusky

15 Hell ain't a bad place to be, so I'm fine with it

That was one of AC/DC's songs

16 With The Devil! There, I finished what you were going to say

I'm pretty sure he doesn't like christian rock bands obsessed with the colors black and yellow.

17 Okay
18 Where do you think I came from?
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1. Wait... you are telling me to go to your home? No thanks.
2. I will see you there
3. You are talking so it feels like hell already



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