Best Things to Reply When Someone Says "Go to Hell"

There are many arrogant blockheads who say this, reply them with these, feel free to add your opinion.

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1 Wait... you are telling me to go to your home? No thanks.

Many of these are so good! I don't know which one to reply!

I made this list and forgot to use these...DAMN. - Ananya

Haha haha I can't stop laughing - Righteous

OUCH AHAHAH. Great list Ananya - AlphaQ

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2 But your'e already there.
3 I will see you there

This one is so badass

That's pretty funny. - PokemonYesTeletubbiesNo

Oh yes I will - Neonco31

4 You are talking so it feels like hell already

Definitely using this one. - 3DG20

I will use this one


Oh shooot!

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5 Come with me.
6 Brush your teeth...

Haha this would stun them. But it has to be said a femtosecond afterwards... Try it! - Britgirl

Love IT!


Gah I love it I used it on my mum timeout for life no regrets #litlitlit

7 I can't, Satan has a restraining order against me

Subtle and won't escalate situations

Lol I can't even!



8 Hell is better than you, because it doesn't seems to resemble the foul smell of your mouth.

It’s funny

9 Hell is hot so... which hot place are you telling me to go to...?

@visitor haha thanks for sharing! - Ananya

This list reminds me of a sign I once saw at an auto-repair shop: "Helen Waite is our credit manager. If you can't pay cash, go to Helen Waite."

10 Hell ain't a bad place to be, so I'm fine with it

That was one of AC/DC's songs

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? Yeahhhhh! I am soooo hotttt....!!!!
? Were did you think I came from?

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11 I gotta find it first
12 I have a vacation house there! Would you like a tour?
13 No, I'm not following ya...
14 Nah... You deserve that place more than anyone

I added this one, Just for fun :P - Righteous

15 Where do you think I came from?

I would totally ude this

This one is savage... I ll use

16 I'm too cool for that ya know...

Heck yaaa

17 Not interested in your fairytale.

Yeah, only Cinderella goes to hell - TwilightKitsune

Love it

18 Okay

This would be hilarious - hellother

19 Why? Are you lonely down there?

Woah... - Ananya

20 Oh, you're a Megadeth fan too?

Go to Hell is a sing by Megadeth - Brobusky

21 Ok, thanks for the invitation to your birthday part.
22 Sorry but I have already booked my seat in heaven

Lol, that's the best. 'But I see you already have a place there. Oh well, see you never! '

Oh wow! Such a good one - Ananya

WOW; that's a really good one.

23 Lead the way
24 You first

Yeah, you first! - Neonco31

25 Sure, if it’s the only place to get away from you

Amazing reply

26 Ladies first
27 Oh, I'm so afraid!
28 Hell doesn't exist, dumbass

Yeah, dumbass!

Unless you're an atheist, it does! - Neonco31

29 Oh honey, where did you think I came from?
30 With The Devil! There, I finished what you were going to say

I'm pretty sure he doesn't like christian rock bands obsessed with the colors black and yellow.

This is too lit

31 I don't have time to go to hell, with all this drama going around honey. I have other problems to deal with.

Basically saying you're too busy dealing with him/her being around you then travelling to hell

32 Okay no problem. Don't forget to bring your mother

*And then there was silence* - Ananya

May be this one help you

33 Hell is a village in Norway.

There is also a Hell in Michigan too.

Seriously,I'd love to go there,but it's too expensive. - Villainnumberone

Wow I didn't know, thanks for adding ^~^ - Ananya

34 After you.
35 Nah...I'm good. You need to floss.
36 I'm working on it.
37 Haven't you heard? I took over. Satan is on vacation.
38 I can’t. There’s too many people like you. Besides, I’m staying in Heaven.
39 I accept jesus as my lord and savior, and I believe that he died for our sins, sooo yeah. Maybe you’ll go, but not me.
40 I’ll rule it

Amazing... just...

41 Ok... But will you pick the kids!
42 Anywhere you ain’t is fine for me
43 Tell them I sent you
44 Ok I’m I’ll be on fire unlike a loser like you
45 Thanks for saying I’m hot but...
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1. But your'e already there.
2. Come with me.
3. Hell ain't a bad place to be, so I'm fine with it
1. Wait... you are telling me to go to your home? No thanks.
2. I will see you there
3. You are talking so it feels like hell already


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