Top 10 Things Roblox Should Do

My cousin's account got hacked 2 weeks ago.

Plus a while back, I've always wanted to make this list since I joined here.

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1 Give starters at least 100 robux when they start

Girl noobs can buy hair and a couple outfits while the boys can buy gears or that Beautiful hair for ---- people - MorganChambz

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2 Add more ways to keep your account secure

Cough! Secret question. Cough! I payed so much money on my cousin's account and now it's hacked, she can't get in her account... - MorganChambz

I got my account hacked once, but luckily I got it back the hacker just changed my password that's all. - SanicHeghog123

3 More ways to earn robux

Its true there should be other ways than just 10 tix a day and 1 tix per game join

4 Make your own gear, hats, and faces and sell them

Sigh... Wish I could make a Doge sword to murder everyone, that would be nice... Whenever people get murdered by the Doge sword pictures of Doge spam their screen, then when the Robloxian tries to speak it will be replaced by "Wow! " until they get killed again (This may sound like a hacking gear, but it isn't) (They only stop saying Wow! If they get killed by something other then the Doge sword.)

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5 Sell your own outfits from the 'Outfits' tab on the character customization page

See if you made an outfit and you wanted to show people your style and you want people to dress like you? You go to character then the 'outfits' tab and you click that outfit and you sell it for the amount the items cost or for because members, you sell it what price you want. The maximum you can sell it is up to 10000 robux and the minimum is free. You do keep your items, you just sell a copy of your look. - MorganChambz

6 Give starters a look of their avatars before they register V 1 Comment
7 Delete the website

It should be deleted. Being lied to by the devs, getting scammed, getting hacked, oh, and don't even get me started on the community...

They terminated me. I terminate their website.

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8 Bring Back Old Roblox

Everyone thinks the past is better than nowadays lol. - EpicJake

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9 Delete the Murder games

Because its too violent for kids. - Maria-Alexandra

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10 Make It Possible to give items and robux and tix to other players.

That's actually a bad idea. What if a guy accidentally gives his favorite item to a default guy? Screwed. - Tacocheese

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11 Give 5 robux to everyday

Agree with you 100 percent. With Tix gone Roblox is just hogging our money. Not all of us can buy robux you know. Player points being a currency is a fantastic idea. You can trade player points for robux

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12 Make Prices Lower

Yes if u mean robux prices I say yes because it's stupid 15k should be like 50 dollars 35k should be not 200 dollars but maybe like 100 dollars or maybe 85 dollars

13 Fix their errors

By fix their errors I mean errors like"You have lost the connection to the game" and "Error id 17"

14 Listen to the players

There are literally thousands of scammers and spammers and bullies, while the players are constantly trying to message the admins the admins do nothing. The Roblox admins should actually listen to the players for once.

15 Make a New Currency

It would be so fun if they do that

16 Stop caring about real money

They need to stop caring about money and care about there players

17 Cancel the deletion of Tix

They said that they are going to discontinue Tix on April 11. My theory is that they are deleting Tix so that we can pay for R$ and get rich. Another theory is that they are deleting Tix so that those things that cost Tix (maybe shirts/pants) are going to be free. My third theory is that Tix are goung to be deleted so that Player Points will be the next currency. - zendrocalderon

18 Make player points a currency

Player points are too useless maybe we can use them to by player point exclusive shirts and gear

19 Bring back the Tix
20 Stop spammers
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1. Add more ways to keep your account secure
2. Give starters at least 100 robux when they start
3. More ways to earn robux



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