Top 10 Things Roblox Should Do

My cousin's account got hacked 2 weeks ago.

Plus a while back, I've always wanted to make this list since I joined here.

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Give starters at least 100 robux when they start

Nice idea, but this could lead to many problems. For a start, Roblox will be clogged with unused accounts. Why? This is because savvy people and hackers will create even more bot accounts and just donate all the robux to a main account. Regarding this, a usual bot hack can attempt to create about 50 accounts per second (but only a few get created due to usernames already taken). This can get you at most 5000 robux PER SECOND. This will also, believe it or not, make the robux-cash transfers collapse BIG TIME. If you don't know this, Robloxians with at least 30,000 robux can transfer their virtual currency into REAL MONEY! At minimum- 100K robux can get you around $100; at most 80M robux can give you almost $200,000! This is the main reason why people make popular games on roblox! Think of stickmasterluke and crazy rich robloxians! So, 100 robux could ruin the Roblox community! I know! Mind blowing!

I totally agree with this idea. The reason we should start with robux is that since I have no robux people tease me that I have no robux. one time a crappy guy said to me "hi no robux person" and he started saying I'm broke. well I am not, my mom just wont let me get robux lol. that's why we should start with a little bit of robux

I am a noob- and its not that bad but I can't STAND little 3 year olds who use their parents devise say "haha I'm so cool I have ROBUX HAHA" when they are noobs like me ;-; also I've been WANTING ROBUX for years now! I was looking websites on how to get Robux but I got scammed I was lucky I didn't get hacked

Robux costs money because its not free to run a game. They have to pay employees. All the games work like Roblox, you need to buy things to have advantage.
People only say that because they just want Free Robux. If tix wasnt removed, Roblox would be bankrupt.

More ways to earn robux

I disagree with this idea. You can earn robux from creating games or buying it. But seriously, non-builder clubs only get 10 percent profit and builder club gets 70 percent that's like 7 times the amount. Also its hard for new game to get famous because of tbe massive popularity of games like bloxburg and working at Meepcity

So 1 dollar equals 80 robux. So buying a dominus would cost over more than 4,000 dollar. Like who would buy that much robux for a hat.Also there are few way to make robux more fair. First is a strike, where everybody sudden stop playing roblox to make the delevoper change the system or roblox would not be popular anymore. The other is the mods and delevopers changing(not going in to deep in that). Finally, one last way is that President Trump sued roblox(Jk, just an joke). My name on roblox is werwereop.

Level up in Royale High to earn Robux find a sword in a tycoon and earn Robux

Make it in games you can but the developer has to aprove

Make your own gear, hats, and faces and sell them

If you do that and it looks better than say a Valkyrie and then put the price at like 200 robux the you could be rich but I disagree with gear because you know that big ice sword that comes with the ice knight set that sword is to overpowered and if a sword makes something like a black hole then that’s just too overpowered. Also during the corona virus pandemic I looked at the most expensive shirts and the most expensive was something that was 999999999 robux when it could’ve costed 2 robux AND IT WAS A NURSES OUTFIT

Sigh... Wish I could make a Doge sword to murder everyone, that would be nice... Whenever people get murdered by the Doge sword pictures of Doge spam their screen, then when the Robloxian tries to speak it will be replaced by "Wow! " until they get killed again (This may sound like a hacking gear, but it isn't) (They only stop saying Wow! If they get killed by something other then the Doge sword.)

The hats and faces might be a good idea but the gear part is a bad idea. People would make the gear too overpowered and some games out there allowing gear would get messed up because people would be abusing it.

I’m kinda neutral. Someone might make an annoying gear that does annoying things that spans screens, blocks chat, and possibly made by an abuser. Be careful what you make!

Listen to the players

I was getting bullied beacase I was a "noob" well a noob is a new player not a fricken loser. and If this was a real thing I would be so happy

I think that's literally everything in this list. technically? I don't know but that one is the thing that roblox really needs to do. they can't just make their own updates that people dislike even though they don't know that their players like it or not!

This should be number 1 in my opinion. ROBLOX doesn't give a damn about its players and is merely fishhing for money now. Some people are banned for no legitimate reason!

There are literally thousands of scammers and spammers and bullies, while the players are constantly trying to message the admins the admins do nothing. The Roblox admins should actually listen to the players for once.

Reporting takes time and roblox admin cannot handle all bullies at once, if reports don't work within next 3 days check your reported account if the account is not banned then they most likely got a warning instead of ban.

Add more ways to keep your account secure

Cough! Secret question. Cough! I payed so much money on my cousin's account and now it's hacked, she can't get in her account...

Same issue with MovieStarPlanet.

As long as the hacker doesn't know your email, YOU ARE 100% SAFE

Roblox has 2FA though.

Make player points a currency

Absolutely a brilliant idea! However I know a few games that give heaps of player points so people would just afk farm on those games

Maybe every 500 player points but then that would be too good because work at a pizza place gives 40000 player points every like 5 minutes (a little exaggerated)

Player points are too useless maybe we can use them to by player point exclusive shirts and gear

Definitely true. Right now Player Points are useless.

Try to make the community more logical

How the community is has nothing to do with the admins.

Bring back the Tix

Tickets were one thing that brought Roblox Players actually back to Roblox. Since they got rid of this, Roblox Players had nothing to look forward to everyday, and if you don't have any money, you basically can only customize your Avatar with the free stuff, and that only goes so far. Getting rid of tickets was (In My Opinion) Roblox's biggest mistake. -123321magic

I wasnt on Roblox when TIX what a thing but I want to see if its any better than wasting money for Robux- imagen your a llets say- 6 year old and your a bacon hair, you don't have robux but TIX would be a dream come true

This would be good because some people can’t afford robux and plus roblox is just hogging all the money for himself no money for any of the developers

Yeah. I hated that they brought down tix. Right now, I'm planing a protest to bring it back.

Fix their errors

By fix their errors I mean errors like"You have lost the connection to the game" and "Error id 17"

Or "The server has shut down"

oh my, what an idea! why didn't I think of that

Stop spammers

Stop the bots who spam those scams because I’m stupid enough to always report them and also two people (they were brothers) they were spamming the N word one did the first part the other did the second and if you could get stopped from spamming chat and have like a 30 second break that would be perfect because I always keep my chat open

They are so annoying

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Remove devex
Find a way to stop ODers
Sell your own outfits from the 'Outfits' tab on the character customization page

See if you made an outfit and you wanted to show people your style and you want people to dress like you? You go to character then the 'outfits' tab and you click that outfit and you sell it for the amount the items cost or for because members, you sell it what price you want. The maximum you can sell it is up to 10000 robux and the minimum is free. You do keep your items, you just sell a copy of your look.

Add 'Shoes' to the catalog.

Trolls with foot fetish would request this.

Bring back old Roblox

They shouldn't bring it back because the graphics will be outdated and there is no dynamic lighting. This needs to be off the list.

2015 was when I started playing ROBLOX but I think Late 2015-2016 was when everything went to hell!

What about audio? What about loads of abilities when making a place?

Everyone thinks the past is better than nowadays lol.

In the past, the Holocaust happened. In the past, war was more common than it is right now. Yeah, the past is totally the "best"

Delete the website

your garbage roblox is better than u! Whoever said this your just bad and can’t play because u keep sucking on yo mommy’s boobys

It should be deleted. Being lied to by the devs, getting scammed, getting hacked, oh, and don't even get me started on the community...

They terminated me. I terminate their website.

In my opinion the best idea in this joke of a list

Let you have more than 200 friends

I personally wanna accept every friend request I ever receive but I can’t because of the friend limit and when someone sends a friend request and I wanna accept I have to get rid of a friend and for some reason it just hurts mentally especially when that person doesn’t have many friends

I want 40029 friends because I want some more Radom friends

Yes becuase I can't friend cookieswirlc


Give starters a look of their avatars before they register

They should definitely have people test the outfits before they buy them! You can buy one of the most expensive thing on the catalog and then try I on but not like it!

They should let you resell your items you accidentally bought on catalogue and get your robux back! 😡Cause I bought an outfit and on the front it looks good...but on the back it COMPLETELY BLACK! 😡😠☹️

Shut Down Meep City

But people,I know you may think this is weird but...what if this is the only good map we can roleplay? imagine if someone without robux can't buy bloxburg and needs to roleplay in meepcity? it's like stupid.I hope this doesn't happen

I agree, Meepcity it's a clean ripoff of Toontown and Club penguins(R.I.P.), This game is full of ODers and and Meepcity is just awful to play so 100% AGREE!

meep city a a place of happyness and rainbos and- pervert ODers harrasing you ;-; I stopped playing a lomg time ago and you should too

it is a great idea

Make changing usernames free

I remember making an account called HIrrahAdam_BFB123 when I was in 4th grade (it is currently my main account) and I want to change its name A LOT. I hate that name! I find it extremely cringy, and I never realized that ''Adam'' was actually a name until now. (Adam means man in turkish) it said that I need to verify my email, I verified it, and BOOM! I ALSO NEED TO USE 1000 ROBUX TO CHANGE MY NAME.
seriously for gods sake, what the hell? 1000 robux is too overpriced to change something small. at least make it free at first, at the second, make it only 2 robux! that is really enough!

roblox, allow us to change our names for free JUST AT THE FIRST TIME CHANGING IT

It costs about $12.50 to change your username unless you have a successful game, oof.

Add emojis in chat

Emojis are cringy. I didn't wanted to vote it.

People above 30 and people below 14 likes this

Your wish came true!

Have a robux lottery (5 robux per ticket)

But some people don't have robux.

They should really do this

you can get a promo code

Trade player points for Robux

You can just award yourself infinite points

Remove Tags

You need tags, but not EVERY SINGLE THING YOU WRITE. Like if you spell something wrong: tags. And if you type in random letters it goes in tags. And numbers go in tags too. It shouldn't let u put phone numbers or anything but at least let u write a number! Maybe someone is roleplaying and they want to write a number! It's so annoying..

This should be #1

Delete the murder games

Why can't roblox do sommething where games are rated, like movies. Take a kid friendly game, for example, adopt me. All ages. Say a game with horror. pg-13. See what I mean?

Why did they delete the murder games? what is wrong with them?

Lemon Age restricting would be a good idea and roblox has done stuff about it however they made do stupidly that it doesn't work.

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