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21 Make it possible to give items, robux and tix to other players

That's actually a bad idea. What if a guy accidentally gives his favorite item to a default guy? Screwed. - Tacocheese

If you want to give your mates roubx,tix or clothes you can

22 Trade player points for Robux
23 Stop caring about real money

They need to stop caring about money and care about there players

24 Cancel the deletion of Tix

They said that they are going to discontinue Tix on April 11. My theory is that they are deleting Tix so that we can pay for R$ and get rich. Another theory is that they are deleting Tix so that those things that cost Tix (maybe shirts/pants) are going to be free. My third theory is that Tix are goung to be deleted so that Player Points will be the next currency. - zendrocalderon

25 Give 5 robux to everyday

Agree with you 100 percent. With Tix gone Roblox is just hogging our money. Not all of us can buy robux you know. Player points being a currency is a fantastic idea. You can trade player points for robux

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26 Make player points a currency

Player points are too useless maybe we can use them to by player point exclusive shirts and gear

27 Bring back the Tix

Please BRING IT BACK I NEVER EVEN GOT TO USE IT (my username is XxBeautySeviperxX)

28 Have a robux lottery (5 robux per ticket)

They should really do this

29 Bring forums back
30 Add 'Shoes' to the catalog.
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1. Try to make the community more logical
2. Listen to the players
3. Stop spammers
1. Add more ways to keep your account secure
2. Give starters at least 100 robux when they start
3. More ways to earn robux



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