Top 10 Things That Rosalina Should Be Hated For

Ah, Super Mario Bros. A classic no matter what genre of gaming you are into. But, what's this. Mario's name is being put down, by none other than Rosalina, the ruler of cosmos... or whatever. This fanbase praises her, which Nintendo has gotten dragged into. Now, instead of focusing on Mario and crew, Rosalina is getting the spotlight. Because of her fanbase. If only Rosalina's fanbase can see that she is not actually a SOA GREAAAET AND MYSTERIOOIUS CHARICTUUUEERRR! Oh wait, this is why this list is here. This list is meant to point out what the fanbase praises her for, yet it just makes her an even worse character, and what they do that just... just... I don't want to say it.

The Top Ten

1 Her, oh so, 'tragic and jaw dropping' backstory

Look, I like that Rosie has a backstory, she's one of the only Mario characters to have one. BUT, she doesn't show any emotion WHATSOEVER. No tear, no choke in voice, no nothing. All she does is close her eyes. laughs If she if she reads her own backstory, then why then WHY does she not give a s t after doing so. Oh wait, she just wants to read in front of Mario so she could get pity. Aaaw, did I hurt little Rosalina's FEELINGS? But, to be honest, I kinda get that mysterious vibe... until you go farther down the list. - YoloLove77

You’re just adding to the annoying Daisy and Rosalina fan war. I like Daisy but her fan base sucks

This is ssaupposed to be a reason for hate her? - DaisyandRosalina

2 No personality

Daisy may have more personality, but Rosalina has a personality as well - Videogamesgal

She tells you, so what, AGAIN! She only closes her eyes. That's all we get for an action to hint her personality. No smile, no frown, no laugh, no "hmm? ", NOPE! SHE NEEDS TO BLINK I GUESS! This is when the fanbase takes Daisy's personality, call it Rosalina's, and bash Daisy. Great personality, right!? Right? Wrong. - YoloLove77

Are you a Peach fan? - yunafreya648

This is PARTIALLY true, Rosalina acutally has a personality but not so much compared to Daisy, the Daisy part is right. - DaisyandRosalina

3 Protector and mother of Lumas? Just launch them into battle! (SSB4)

Smash isn't canon and Peach does the same with Toad. - DaisyandRosalina

Not only is Rosalina's moveset uninspiring and OP, she just LAUNCHES her children to possible death. *laughs* So ironic, huh? Let me ask you a question: Would any other mother do this? AND don't pull the "Lumas will proooctecrt hur" card on this list! AT ALL! - YoloLove77

4 So, you want me to risk my life to get gas, while you STAND here and read a bedtime story!

Mario meets Rosalina, and before he can say anything, she say something that sums up to this: "My ship is broken, go to different galaxies where PLENTY of dangers lie to get me power stars. Oh, and I won't tell you why we just burn up innocent creatures to make gas! " - YoloLove77

5 She's a Mary Sue

She is emotioless. - DaisyandRosalina

No flaws. No matter how long I do the research on Rosalina's weaknesses, I can't even name one. She's smart, she's attractive, she knows everything, she can escape anything, she has a tragic backstory *fakes a sob*, she's powerful, she is yadda yadda yadda yadda, WE GET IT Nintendo! GIVE HER AT LEAST ONE FLAW! - YoloLove77

6 Just another Peach, but doesn't get captured

Nearly EVERYTHING about Rosalina could be compared to Peach. Enough said. - YoloLove77

This list is awful - yunafreya648

*laughs* tell me a fact not a lie please. - DaisyandRosalina

7 Her inclusion in Super Mario 3D World... why is she here again?

They wanted a fifth player and maybe to have another female in the game as well. - Videogamesgal

I think Nintendo just wasted their effort and time to get Rosalina in the game. The only plot-related thing she does in the game is you go back to EVERY level and play as her too unlock world crown. - YoloLove77

Because they wanted a 5th player. - DaisyandRosalina

Because she's in space? - yunafreya648

8 No emotions, except when she loses she cries

Play MK or MP, lose as Rosalina and "Waaa! " With that annoying monotone voice, again, enough' said. - YoloLove77

9 HEY! I have EMO HAIR and live in a observatory in SPACE

Crappy reason to hate her

To be honest, I was in the dreaded Rosalina fanbase because of these two reasons. But, this is ACTUALLY why some people like her. Her appearance and house. -_- I'm cereal, this is a,so-called, PRO for Rosalina. Have a nice time understanding these idiotic people. - YoloLove77

What a crappy reason for hate her. - DaisyandRosalina

10 Her Fanbase

The fanbase is not a real part of the character itself. - DaisyandRosalina

Ok, let's say your friend played SMG And he/she keeps talking about a girl in blue, so you want to learn more about this 'Rosalina'. You look her up on Google, and look at the images. Huh, Nintendo puts her in some other main series games. Odd. Then you get to the fanbase part. Naked, sexualised, naked, naked, sexualised, inflated, pregnant, inflated, sexualised, naked, beating up other characters, naked and pregnant, making out, sexualised and HOLY SHE'S DOINg' YOU KNOW WHAT! O-O What if your parents or some other family member looks Rosalina up!? - YoloLove77

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