Top 10 Things to Say About Wendy O. Koopa

The Top Ten

1 She's Rubbish
2 Peach, Daisy and Rosalina are Better

Rosalina, Daisy>A trash can>Peach>Kefka>Twintelle>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Wendy

3 She's Filler Garbage


4 She has Stupid Looking Lips
5 She's a Tramp
6 She's Ugly

I know right? WendyIsQueen is

7 Bitch

We know Toad is one

WendyIsQueen enough said

8 She's Unbelievably Overrated

Nope that’s Lemmy. Wendy is underrated because of the cartoons - Randomator

9 Not Even Pretty
10 Bowser Clone

The Contenders

11 She Just Plain Sucks
12 She's the Worst Koopaling Ever

Nope that’s Larry - Randomator

13 Toad and Toadette are Better
14 She's Pretty
15 She's Absolutely Generic
16 She's Incredible
17 She's Sexy and Hot


18 She's Superior To Toad
19 Her Voice Is Annoying
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