Top Ten Things to Say If Someone Knows Your Secret and You Don't Want Them to Tell It to Anyone Else

The Top Ten

1 If you say my secret to everyone you gonna win a knife and I will stab you.

Dark. - Misfire

2 Don't say it please. I will give you a millions of food if you didn't say it.
3 Did you know I'm evil?
4 If you say my secrets, I'm gonna call the police.
5 Say what you want, I just think that they won't believe you.
6 They will laugh at you.
7 Please sleep.
8 I love you, please don't say my secrets.
9 How did you know?
10 I gonna drink bleach now.

The Contenders

11 Say you’ll delete their Fortnite account

IT WORKED - 0w0uwu

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