Top 10 Things to Say to Piss Off a Trump Supporter

The Top Ten

1 "Donald Trump is a racist"

No, he isn't. Do you even know the definition of racist? He just hates illegals. If you want to immigrate to another country, then that's fine, but do it legally.

We'll he isn't racist He wants to be the best president! - Lordvader3500

Remember that many of his supporters think every Mexican is illegal. Ditto with Muslims.

They are uncultured cretins.

2 "Hillary Clinton is the better candidate"

No, Hillary is worse. I don't support Trump, but Hillary would have been a horrible president if she won.

Apparently not.

3 "Trump is the most pedophilic, xenophobic, racist, homophobic person you've ever seen"
4 "All Trump supporters are racist and stupid"

This will piss them off. Attacking others for having an opinion? They're not racist and stupid for having an opinion.

5 "Donald Trump is going to lose"


6 "Trump sucks"
7 "Donald Trump is Hitler's son"

He can't be. Hitler didn't have kids.

8 "Adam Sandler sucks."

This’ll piss off any trump supporter. Trumps favorite movie? Jack and Jill.

9 "Having Donald Trump deport all non-white people is like Hitler killing and sending Jews to a concentration camp"

Of course, he never even suggested it. But for you to compare being deported to being in a Nazi concentration camp is not just offensive beyond belief, but also a display of ignorance.

10 "Dave Mustaine would make a better candidate than Trump"

President Mustard Stain?

The Newcomers

? "Trump isn't perfect"

I'm by no means a Trump hater, but even if you support him you don't have to like everything he says/does. - SuperSonic17

The Contenders

11 "Why would you want a man that is completely disgusting at everything he does to be in the white house?"
12 "Why do you think that a simple man by himself that thinks he can fix the world's problems?"

Where's the rest of the sentence?

13 "Do you WANT World War 3"

No I don't. That's why we can't have Hillary.


14 "His name's Donald Trump? I thought it was Tronald Dump."

Hey welcome back TTGSucks, although I don't know you that well I still think that you're an amazing user. - Anonymousxcxc

15 "It's the End Of The World!"

No! - Neonco31

16 "Hillary won the popular vote."

Hillary's won by huge numbers in Los Angeles and NYC, but lost virtually everywhere else. The way LA and NY people think is not the same as the entire rest of the country.

17 "These are things that died in 2016; Harambe, Pokémon Go, and the U.S. because of Trump becoming president"
18 "Tinkle Tinkle" Little Czar - Putin Put You Where You "R"
19 "Barack Obama was born in America."

Unless they do not consider Hawaii as part of the USA.

20 "Carrie Underwood sucks."
21 "Good Night Alt Right"
22 "Liberal"
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