Top Ten Things to Say When Using the Phrase "There's Two Types of People In the World..."

The phrase is used just for the comedic part what if someone (me) turned that and put it into nonsense (ME! )

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Ones who like dogs and ones who would kill dogs

If a dog is attacking you to death you would have no choice but to defend yourself and if your lucky you could end up killing it. But who would kill a dog on purpose for no reason?

Right now I'm thinking of what they do in Iran... they kill dogs by injection of acid

Did anybody else instantly think of Michael Vick when reading this?

Does it include the dog from Duck Hunt?

Ones who make yo mama jokes and ones who makes memes

I find memes better. There is always something about Yo Mama Jokes that I don't like.

I love making memes. Yo mama jokes are sometimes funny but they can be so offensive.

I like to make memes.

I honestly dislike both, but memes are better.

People that can respect opinions and ones who argue about them

This makes sense! & it Kinda Represents the point of TheTopTens

I respect people's opinions as long as they have something to back them up. If you're just ranting hate against someone, with no point or no solutions, I don't feel that deserves any respect.

Arguing about opinions doesn't automatically mean disrespecting opinions.

A lot of people do it not just on the Top Tens but in real life as well.

People who makes lists and ones who blog

Can't you do both?

Well I do both. And I love doing both!

Well, I used to blog much, but I'm taking a break, oh wait! There are the people who comment!

I like both but I might like lists more.

Ones that play FIFA and one who do yoga

FIFA is much more interesting and unpredictable. Yoga is neither of those things.

I do neither of those things.

The only thing I do that's a sport is cheerleading and Gymnastics.

I do yoga, but not often.

Ones who make YouTube videos and ones who make vines

Asian vines are the best. "Once you go Asian, you never miss the equation"

YouTube videos are better, vines are too short.

I would go for people who do YouTube videos #PopularonYouTube

Can we do both

People who hate Nicki Minaj and people who live in mental hospitals

People who like this insane girl must be insane. Maybe Nicki brainwashes teenagers to like her "music".

Coldplay Queen The Beatles Journey way better

Huh? Nicki Minaj bad is FAR from being Tyga bad.

When was this made? 2010-2012 when Nicki was a full-on Barbie? She changed...

Winners and losers

This is best, Winners are wise and just smile in audience & losers are fools wants other to see them... Got that

I am a loser in sports but a winner on tests.

Yeah, I agree with what he said. You are a total loser.

I am so a winner

Ones that are addicted and ones who loathe stuff
I hate both of them

This one is great I think this should be in the top 5 most of the others are not funny they are just random things which might have someone be one or the other.

Definitely using this one in real life lol

This option made me laugh.

This One Is Pretty Good

The Contenders

Ones who takes selfies and people who post depressing stuff

I'm the one who posts depressing stuff.

Yeah, I've never showed my face on social media, but I post depressing things because that's how I feel.

Everybody on Facebook does this

I don't always take a selfie, but when I do it's dramatic.

Indoor people and outdoor people

I'm in between. I like going camping, but I also like being inside.

I'm an indoor person. I've never even seen a cloud before. Well, I actually think I have seen one on the internet once...

I love the great outdoors. I love camping and exploring and playing outside. But I do like being inside sometimes.

Really, that's so lame think of something unique! Wait I can't speak I can't think of a unique one!

People who actually love video games and cancerous 5-yr olds

Hey cancerous is kind of offensive if you know someone who died from cancer like I do.

Lol sorry I have to

People who are Beliebers and people who are sane

So you saying people who like Justin Bieber belong in a mental hospital.
TheTopTens is just a website for bullies.
Most of the internet is nowadays.

I'm pretty sure I'm insane, but I hate Justin Bieber.

I'm one of the sane ones

I love this one hehehehe

Leaders and followers

This one is the most logical of all these and the most commonly used in life

What if I'm a hermit? What now, anonymous internet user!?


I’m a follower.

Ones that entertain and the ones that observe

I have done both. But I'm essentially an observer...


Maybe I'm both...?

People who grind and people who twerk

How about neither for me.

Laugh out loud! I love this list. So true! Can't wait for people to add more items.

And people who are sane.

And normal people...

Libertarians and Authoritarians
Actual respectable Christians and those who use the bible as an excuse to hate

This is what people need to understand about us Christians. We aren't all bad.

Farters and burpers

These are two types of people in the world. I hate both of these.

Farting is less disgusting, though.

This is one person. The rude.

Both. I fart and burp at the same time and IDGAF bout it. Thug Life!

Atheists who leaves it at that and ones who go on about it

There's the peaceful ones who respect other beliefs and let it be, while there's the hateful ones who start flame wars.

I'm a faithful Catholic, but I've noticed these two types of atheists. - ethanmeinster

I do the former. I don't shove it down throats like a jerk.

I think religion is kinda silly, because mythology sounds just as real as religion but the only difference is "mythology is fake"

These apply to adherents of every religion also.

Me and everybody else

Maybe it made everybody else laugh, too...

For some reason this one made me laugh.

I am an outsider.

very true

Smart and dumb

I'm mostly smart, but I am both.

I'm both

I’m dumb.

Astronauts and astronomers

What was this is, like, Jurassic Park or something? Either way, it works.

No, only 1 astronaut! THE COSMONAUT!

People who eat pizza crust and people who don't

I like Pizza crusts

I eat pizza crusts.

I eat pizza crusts.

I do sometimes but most of the time I don’t.

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