Top Ten Things to Say When Using the Phrase "There's Two Types of People In the World..."

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41 Girls and boys
42 Nerds and annoying popular girls

If you're gonna hang out with a group of people, go with the nerds. Popular girls are so annoying. - RiverClanRocks

I am a nerd who likes popular girls if they are not annoying - Kaboom

43 People who prefer coffee and people who prefer tea V 1 Comment
44 People who have breakfast in the kitchen and people who have it in bed

I have breakfast in the dining room lol

45 People who bite into chocolate and people who eat it in pieces
46 Red and Blue

I love red more than blue - FireWasp2004

I like both.

47 Nazis and Stalinists
48 Men and women

Um, I identify as a blue tractor and I find your list offensive.

Basically it's biological sex.

What about transgender? - Powerfulgirl10


V 1 Comment
49 Living and dead

Sorry to correct you, but don't you mean alive or dead? Please do me a huge favor and don't flag my message or block me

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50 Tall and short
51 Homosexuals and heterosexuals

No because there is also bisexuals

52 Carnivores and herbivores

I eat both but I think I'm a carnivore 'cause I like meat more than vegetables - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

53 Those who live in the countryside (rural) and those who live in the big cities or suburbs
54 Rich and poor

I don't know, I'd say Putin looks pretty well off...

There's no such thing in communism.

Where everyone gets the same and nobody gets ahead in life. Sad, really. - RiverClanRocks

55 Democrats and Republicans

How about independents, socialists, libertarians, greens, communists, legalize marijuana now, people's,etc.? Plus other countries have their own political parties. Liberals and conservatives is better, but you still have independents.

What about people in the Tea Party?

Or Conservatives and Liberals.

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56 Left handed and right handed

There's such thing as pure ambidexterity.

I'm right handed, but I can somewhat write okay with my left hand. - Powerfulgirl10

Right 4 the win - GriffinDoge

57 Liberals and conservatives V 1 Comment
58 Introverts and extroverts V 1 Comment
59 Fat people and skinny people
60 Those with a Type A personality and those with a Type B personality V 1 Comment
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