Top Ten Things to Say When Using the Phrase "There's Two Types of People In the World..."

The phrase is used just for the comedic part what if someone (me) turned that and put it into nonsense (ME! )

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61 Descendants from Seth and descendants from Cain

Weird because the descendents of Cain were wiped off the world - 2storm

I am probably Cains decendat - Lucretia

62 Good noodles and bad eggs

Lol. What the...? - Powerfulgirl10

63 Surface dwellers and water dwellers

*grunts* W-What do you mean by "water-dwellers"? We- I mean they don't exist!

64 The strong, but dumb and the weak, but mentally strong

I am strong physically and mentally. - Kaboom

This reminds me of Confucianism?

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65 Sinners and good Samaritans

Everyone is a sinner...

66 Call of Duty trolls and Halo trolls
67 Those with penises and those with vaginas

There have been cases of men with women things and women with man things...

There are people born with both, though.

I'm creeped out... - Powerfulgirl10

Weird. - Lucretia

68 Those who can count, and those who can't

I can count. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10... - Powerfulgirl10

69 Masochists and sadists

Where are the psychopaths?

70 Morning people or night people

Neither. I'm tired both. I'm an afternoon person/ - lovefrombadlands

71 Ones who keep all their notes and ones who delete them when they are done

I burn them when I'm done. It just adds clutter in my room.

Get rid of that junk... unless you need to study - Lucretia

72 Those with Loaded Guns and those who Dig...

IF you don't get this, you need to sit down and watch the greatest Western of all time. CLINT EASTWOOD FOREVER!

73 People who have played Minecraft and people who haven't

Does Minecraft PE count?

I have for years. - Powerfulgirl10

Needs a 3rd one...
those who play minecraft,
those who haven't
those people who hate other games and love minecraft and yet didn't played it in their lifetime

74 Cat lovers and dog lovers

Pfft, what about the animal haters?

I love dogs, that's why I have one. - Lucretia

This one is actually true. by the way I'm a dog person

75 People who prefer star wars and people who prefer star trek

Star Wars obviously! But Star Trek isn't bad - FireWasp2004

Or the people who just don't give a damn

Star Wars is the answer to my life. - RiverClanRocks

76 The ones that like Justin Bieber and the ones who have Cancer.

Those who hate Justin Bieber and those with no brain. - Kaboom

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77 The ones that like hyenas and the ones that like lions

I cannot decide...

What if I like OWLS!?

I like both. - Powerfulgirl10

78 The ones who are classy and the ones who are trashy
79 People who like Eminem and people who suck

And people who hate every rapper - Lucretia

80 People Who Love Scarlett Johansson and People Who Hate Scarlett Johansson
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