Things School Needs to Do to Suck Less


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1 Stop giving kids overloads of homework

Homework can be a good thing sometimes. For example, if you didn't finish your assignment in class, you can take it home and bring it a day late. You can still get a passing grade. - GamerBoy

Yes. Homework is only okay when you have a limited amount. We need time to relax every once in a while. I think we can accomplish this one.

No. There should be homework, but limited to 1 hour.

Schools In The US Right?
I Live In Singapore And They Practically Destroy Us With Homework.Stop Whining. What They Do In The US Is Pampering To Us.

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2 Remove all the bullies

Agreed. Bullying is something nobody should do. - GamerBoy

All bullies of school should be kicked out now, including teachers who attack students - TwilightKitsune

My school has no bullies. - DynastiSugarPop

3 Give us TV

How are you supposed to do your work if you're staring at your favorite cartoon for the entire class period? - GamerBoy

4 Allow kids to go to the bathroom whenever they want

I know right? Its not our fault that we have to go to the bathroom at certain times.

5 Clean the bathrooms

The bathrooms in my school are BEYOND NASTY. There are wet paper towels on the ceiling, the floors are wet and sticky, none of the stalls lock correctly, there is always someone elses "mess" inside the toilet, the lights flicker on and off, and worst of all there are ROACHES and ANTS on the walls. I hope none of you go through the terrible bathroom experience that I have to go through everyday. - Catacorn

Haha, it sounds like that bathroom is expecting the hash slinging slasher - keycha1n

Who trashes them?

6 Stop punishing kids for no reason
7 Remove mean caretakers
8 Clean the cafeteria food

I swear the cafeteria gave me the food poisoning of a lifetime. I'm kind of tight with the lunch people, so I didn't really press charges like I should have, but really, s'not okay. - keycha1n

9 Clean the classrooms
10 Stop teachers from embarrassing students

That is me in 5thgrade

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11 Clean the gyms
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