Top 10 Things School Needs to Do to Suck More

The Top Ten

1 Give more homework

I hope school doesn’t do any of these things. - JoeBoi

Especially increasing the number of required pages on essays from 20+ pages to over 100+.

1 piece of Homework= 1 piece that came from hell

2 Ban students from using the bathrooms

If they do this, all the students would probably rebel lmao.


This is dangerous, if you hold on too long, your stomach will hurt so they have to let you go to the bathroom.

3 Increase all the bullies
4 Pair kids up with bullies in projects
5 Deny lunch to students

They already do this to kids who have a low balance (or no balance) in their lunch accounts.

6 Increase required essay length
7 Hire Donald Trump as a career counselor
8 Hire Justin Bieber as a music teacher

If all of this happened, my mom would sue the school. - RoseWeasley

If it happen then I will stop coming to the school! - Sugarcubecorner

9 No more Thanksgiving, winter, spring and summer breaks
10 Hire Nicki Minaj as an art teacher

The Contenders

11 School hours extend to 11PM-midnight
12 Students have to pay their teachers every time they come to school
13 Plan a school trip to Donald Trump's house
14 Hire more mean teachers
15 Deny accommodations for students with disabilities
16 Ban recess

There's already no recess in middle school, high school, and college...

Then school will be boring and tiring without recess. We need our breaks

17 School on weekends
18 Only watch preschool shows in class
19 Hire Donald Trump as a role model

Donald Trump? A role model? No way! He will encourage kids to be rascist and will make kids hate each other, so please never let this happen.

20 Justin Bieber comes to visit and sings his songs all day
21 Require clear bags

Some schools already do this

22 Demolish of all the bathrooms
23 Require sick kids come to school
24 Allow physical punishment
25 High school students must read books that are over 1,000 pages long
26 Block Google
27 Make School Year-Round

School will be hell if this happens!

28 School is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
29 Increase essay length to over 1000 pages
30 Disable internet connection
31 Must come to school during a huge snowstorm

Some schools do this

32 Students are forced to eat the gross school food
33 School staff is allowed to beat students with belts as a punishment method
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