Things School Should Stop Doing

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1 Handing Out Homework

Especially during these summer, weekends, and holidays

2 Being Soft On Bullies

Bullies are the worst. And they're on every school. I wished that they're not allowed on any school. - Userguy44

3 Detention For Not Completing Work By Accident
4 Grades

Whenever Asian children gets B+ they should call the parents and reassure them that a 90% is an excellent grade and not overreact to it.

5 Serving Terrible Lunches
6 Taking Away Breaktime

The school I go to is going to cut our lunch time shorter just so we can have more study time! - Spongehouse

7 Pressuring Kids
8 Refusing To Let Kids Listen To Music

We are actually allowed to do this in our school - Spongehouse

9 Making Kids Wake Up Early In The Morning

Haha - Userguy44

10 Not Allowing Students to Have Free Speech

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11 Hiring Mean Teachers

It baffles me how students don't tell their parents and other teachers about bad teachers (the same goes for bullies). If someone is bothering you then you NEED to tell someone!

12 Being Cruel to Innocent Children

My teachers all terrorized me no matter what grade I was in, even though I was well-behaved!

13 Blocking Websites
14 Making Kids Buy Supplies

Some can't afford them, you know...

15 Starving Children

I heard that in some schools that if kids don't have enough money in their lunch accounts they only get a cold cheese sandwich and sometimes get nothing at all.

16 Disrespecting Children
17 Being Hypocritical
18 Extending the School Year
19 Forcing Kids to Wake Up Extra Early
20 Withholding Bathroom Breaks
21 Standardized Testing
22 Pop Quizzes
23 Making Up Snow Days
24 Treating gym class like military boot camp

We want to do fun stuff like play dodgeball, not boring stuff like run 100 laps around the track!

25 Unnecessary punishment of well-behaved children

Like when one kid does something wrong only that kid should be punished and not the entire class

26 Treating every word like it's a swear word
27 Final Exams
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