Top Ten Things That School Should Teach Us


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1 How to Pay Bills

My parents are homeschooled while I am in school. They teach everything useful for life like how to pay bills, cook, hygiene, and run the business like a pro. Many parents in America don't know this because school teach useless stuff that you aren't using it everyday! Why essay and Science projects. We don't need that. All we need is to adapt new environment.

The thing is, school ISN'T supposed to teach us these life skills as it's not even in the curriculum. THAT, my friend, is the problem! - keycha1n

2 Time Management
3 Self Defense

We need that to protect ourselves from bad guys.

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4 How to Fix Things at Home

In case if the leaks are broken, we kinda know how to repair.

5 Stress Management

We should know how not to feel like killing someone when they tick you off.

Yes. My teacher judged me a lot, and now I am a suicidal maniac!

We need to know how to handle stress from school and work.

6 How to Run a Business

It's important to know how to work in the job.

7 Relationships and Dating
8 Car Repair

We need to know how to fix a flat tire.

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9 Manners and Hygiene
10 Finding a Job

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11 Insurance
12 The Law
13 How to Cook
14 Survival Skills
15 Computer Science V 1 Comment
16 How Not to Get Pregnant
17 How to Have Sex

This is important. School thinks that sex is porn. No! Sex is meant to produce babies while porn is to make books and movies without producing babies.

I don't see why sex ed is so bad. It's common sense and if no one teaches you yoyr partner will go, 'you don't know how to make a baby?! '

18 How to Travel
19 How to Study
20 Using New Technologies
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