Top Ten Things from School We Should Eliminate

Some stuff in school, just makes us want to delete it for eternity.

The Top Ten Things from School We Should Eliminate

1 Homework

I agree - Yoshiandaglover

Homework is one of those ideas that makes sense on paper, but is actually worthless when you bother to do the research. - keycha1n

Homework is just a big fat waste because you can have other things to do like sports or something and you just did like 7 hours of school! - Lilybethrocks

Yes! Like if science says that homework doesn't help why should teachers give it to you? - ThatGuyFromRoblox

2 Essays

Especially the ones that are over 3-5 pages long

Regular tests is what we should stick with - Nateawesomeness

We should just stick with multiple choice... - ThatGuyFromRoblox

3 Algebra

Algebra destroys brain cells! I hate homework but it is still better than algebra. When I see an equation, my mind goes 'what the #%&? '

School apparently wants us to be stressed out by stupid useless things :( We won't even use them.:'( - Nathalea

Math was a lot more easier before letters got involved - ThatGuyFromRoblox

I love algebra!

4 Detention

Especially Saturday detention

I have had 19,yes,19! I'm sick of detentions - Nateawesomeness

I had detention once,it sucked! - Nateawesomeness

5 Bullies

Especially the ones that make a person want to kill themselves.. - ThatGuyFromRoblox

I hate those people, but maybe get some tough skin and ignore what they say and do, cause nothing is worth your life, except another life - RustyNail

How is this not number 1. I'd rather have no bullies than homework

We all know how much they do to us, - Nateawesomeness

Why is this below algebra?

6 Popular Girls

No,i don't mean every girl who's popular,I mean the mean ones! - Nateawesomeness

Well if you eliminate popular girls, other girls will become poupular. It's like a cycle, you can't get rid of popularity unless you kill everbody, which of course you shouldn't.

How can you "eliminate" poplar people?
are u just a loner?

Wait,then who will be popular,their will still be popular people,but they have a better attitude though - Nateawesomeness

7 Locker Codes

Make it like British schools then, get rid of the lockers.

I wish we could make our own locker codes...but then again I'll probably forget it after a long break... - ThatGuyFromRoblox

I just wanna get in my locker without the code,because with the code it's so hard to get in with! and if it's easy in your school,we'll try mine - Nateawesomeness

-My first day of sixth grade with lockers-
"How do I open this thing? Ugh! " -twists dial- "GODDAMMIT, IT'S JAMMED! " - StickfeatherShip

8 Mean Teachers

Special ed definitely

Teachers need to learn something about myself. I serve and obey one person, myself. - Therandom

If your going to be mean then why even pick this career?! - ThatGuyFromRoblox

Mean teachers = dictators. Students = citizens.

9 Dress Codes

I wish it got banned. My school has a very strict dress code. I hate it. - cosmo

Dress codes are stupid. My school doesn't have one and it's awesome the kids can wear whatever they want. - keycha1n

Why can't I wear my banana suit to gym class?! I spent, like, 30 dollars on it!

Yep yep yep yep. In my school, girls even have to make 2 plaits. So yucky

10 iPad Criticism

IPads and apple sucks Android is better

School iPads,the main target of criticism,and who's this evil mastermind of this criticism mayhem,not anyone but the princible! - Nateawesomeness

The Newcomers

? Gym Class

The Contenders

11 Short Answer

Gotta love how the longest questions on most tests are called "short" answer. Rubbing salt into a wound.

This is the best! Why is it on here? Short answer questions help students more than long answers. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

This does not belong here,who added this - Nateawesomeness

12 No Hats Rule

Besides, how are you going to fit a bomb or a gun inside a hat that you're WEARING?

The no hats rule is just ridiculous - Nateawesomeness

B-But I Bought a hat for school;, I wasted my money :(

13 Beatings
14 Portable Devices Ban

Yea,I wanna play my home iPad in freetime - Nateawesomeness

15 F is the Lowest Grade

This one actually makes sense,because F stands for fail in tests - Nateawesomeness

Schools are lazy what about t for terrible and h for horrible - ikerevievs

16 Explaining your Answer
17 No Chewing Gum
18 Showing Work in Math
19 Loud Fire Alarm Systems
20 Tests/quizzes
21 No jackets rule

Especially when fire drills come up during the winter.

22 Special Ed
23 Strict teachers
24 Vending machines
25 Make up work
26 Snow day make up
27 Summer school
28 Mean Bus Drivers
29 Progress reports
30 Slow computers with even slower internet
31 Dial up internet
32 Casino night fundraisers

Schools must be trying to promote underage gambling.

33 Boring assemblies
34 Standardized testing
35 Final exams
36 Heavy textbooks
37 Collective punishments
38 Writing punishment sentences
39 Gross school lunches
40 Summer Homework
41 Holiday Homework/Revision

I hate having to do homework on christmas

42 Common Core
43 Restrictions on websites
44 Make Up Days
45 Restraints/Seclusion
46 A/C During the Winter
47 No Bathroom Policy
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