Top Ten Things from School We Should Eliminate

Some stuff in school, just makes us want to delete it for eternity.

The Top Ten

1 Homework

Homework is one of those ideas that makes sense on paper, but is actually worthless when you bother to do the research. - keycha1n

Homework is just a big fat waste because you can have other things to do like sports or something and you just did like 7 hours of school! - Lilybethrocks

Yes! Like if science says that homework doesn't help why should teachers give it to you? - ThatGuyFromRoblox

Homework is actually proven to make you forget what you learned, - Eil__een

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2 Essays

Regular tests is what we should stick with - Nateawesomeness

We should just stick with multiple choice... - ThatGuyFromRoblox

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3 Algebra

Algebra destroys brain cells! I hate homework but it is still better than algebra. When I see an equation, my mind goes 'what the #%&? '

School apparently wants us to be stressed out by stupid useless things :( We won't even use them.:'( - Nathalea

Math was a lot more easier before letters got involved - ThatGuyFromRoblox

And especially geometry. - Eil__een

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4 Bullies

Especially the ones that make a person want to kill themselves.. - ThatGuyFromRoblox

I hate those people, but maybe get some tough skin and ignore what they say and do, cause nothing is worth your life, except another life - RustyNail

How is this not number 1. I'd rather have no bullies than homework

We all know how much they do to us, - Nateawesomeness

Why is this below algebra?

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5 Detention

I have had 19,yes,19! I'm sick of detentions - Nateawesomeness

I had one for forgetting my laptop. - Eil__een

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6 Popular Girls

No,i don't mean every girl who's popular,I mean the mean ones! - Nateawesomeness

That are mean to unpopular people like me. - Eil__een

Well if you eliminate popular girls, other girls will become poupular. It's like a cycle, you can't get rid of popularity unless you kill everbody, which of course you shouldn't.

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7 Locker Codes

I wish we could make our own locker codes...but then again I'll probably forget it after a long break... - ThatGuyFromRoblox

I just wanna get in my locker without the code,because with the code it's so hard to get in with! and if it's easy in your school,we'll try mine - Nateawesomeness

-My first day of sixth grade with lockers-
"How do I open this thing? Ugh! " -twists dial- "GODDAMMIT, IT'S JAMMED! " - StickfeatherShip

8 Mean Teachers

Teachers need to learn something about myself. I serve and obey one person, myself. - Therandom

If your going to be mean then why even pick this career?! - ThatGuyFromRoblox

Mean teachers = dictators. Students = citizens.

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9 Dress Codes

I wish it got banned. My school has a very strict dress code. I hate it. - cosmo

Dress codes are stupid. My school doesn't have one and it's awesome the kids can wear whatever they want. - keycha1n

Why can't I wear my banana suit to gym class?! I spent, like, 30 dollars on it!

Dress code is very dumb. You should be allowed to wear anything, - Eil__een

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10 iPad Criticism

School iPads,the main target of criticism,and who's this evil mastermind of this criticism mayhem,not anyone but the princible! - Nateawesomeness

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11 Short Answer

Gotta love how the longest questions on most tests are called "short" answer. Rubbing salt into a wound.

This is the best! Why is it on here? Short answer questions help students more than long answers. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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12 Beatings

They still do beatings in school? In this century? - Eil__een

13 Portable Devices Ban

Yea,I wanna play my home iPad in freetime - Nateawesomeness

14 No Hats Rule

The no hats rule is just ridiculous - Nateawesomeness

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15 F is the Lowest Grade

This one actually makes sense,because F stands for fail in tests - Nateawesomeness

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16 Explaining your Answer

You should just get to say "because I said so" - Eil__een

17 No Chewing Gum
18 Showing Work in Math
19 Loud Fire Alarm Systems
20 Tests/quizzes
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