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1 Little Einsteins Theme Song

This is the most annoying song ever and it will haunt me forever about how much kids at my school liked it. I was the only one who hated it. Whoever sings this song should get detention for a week. - railfan99

Yes, So many normie classmates who think they're dank sing this and annoy me - SpectralOwl

So annoying. - MrCoolC

2 Homework

Every kid wishes they didn't have homework. I once had so much homework that I had to stay home and do that rather than go out to dinner with a friend whom I hadn't seen in a long time. Dear teachers: WE HAVE LIVES. - railfan99

3 Favoritism Among Teachers

Favoritism has left a bad taste in my mouth since my graduation in 2017. I knew a teacher that showed favoritism towards some of the RUDEST and MOST OBNOXIOUS kids in my school. She HATED people like myself. - railfan99

I had a substitute teacher with favorite students. He only helped his favorites and told everyone else to go figure it out for themself.

4 Uniforms

Uniforms are so pointless. They're uncomfortable, super expensive, and they do absolutely nothing. This is a free country, so I should be able to wear whatever the hell I want. - railfan99

I see no benefit of this. Can schools at LEAST give them to students for free? - SpectralOwl

5 Exams

Exams are so stressful, and are degrading to one's mental health. Every year something about my exams would cause a family crisis. - railfan99

6 Mean Teachers

If teachers treat kids bad, the kids are going to be bad. It's not rocket science. - railfan99

7 Computers that Were Made Between 1995 and 2005

In my high school our computers were so slow that sites and programs would frequently freeze and even crash.

But does that mean we can still have Windows 3.1 computer from '94 that got upgraded to Windows 95 a year later? - Maddox121

I swear, my high school had the absolute slowest computers in the world. - railfan99

8 Bullying Bullying

It's already against the rules of many schools, but staff do practically nothing about it a lot of the time. Schools really ought to crack down on this more than stuff like the Little Einsteins theme - thousands upon thousands of children with so much to live for haven't been driven to suicide by that, have they? - Entranced98

This should be number one, not a theme song to a cartoon - darthvadern

9 Busywork

If kids are finished with their exams, the last thing they want to do is more work, so don't force em' to! - railfan99

10 Using the Bathrooms as Social Halls

I have got to say that this got on my nerves a lot during high school. I just need to go, and I don't need a bunch of crazed monkeys in the bathroom. - railfan99

One time, 2 8th graders were in there talking about how annoying 6th graders are.

You aren't allowed to anyways - EliHbk

It Annoys me - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

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11 Revealing Clothing

This is so disturbing. Just have a policy that you can wear anything as long as it doesn't reveal any of your... stuff. - railfan99

12 Cell Phones

I figured this would be added to the list at some point... We should at least be able to use them during lunch. - railfan99

13 Cruelty to Children

For example, teachers yelling at them, starving them during lunch, and being physical with them

14 Strict teachers
15 Hall passes
16 Soda
17 Juice
18 Candy
19 Junk food
20 Sugary cereal
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1. Homework
2. Little Einsteins Theme Song
3. Favoritism Among Teachers
1. Little Einsteins Theme Song
2. Uniforms
3. Using the Bathrooms as Social Halls
1. Bullying
2. Favoritism Among Teachers
3. Mean Teachers


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