Top 10 Things Science Can't Explain


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1 What Would Happen If You Fell Into a Black Hole

Spaghettification. It's a pretty "long stretch" to explain it but you can look it up. - SuperHyperdude

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2 How the Placebo Effect Works

The mind is powerful-and really prone to suggestion! - keycha1n

3 How Liquid Water Existed Early In Earth’s History

My own sweat and tears. - SuperHyperdude

4 Why the Sun’s Atmosphere Is So Much Hotter Than Its Surface
5 Why Magnets Always Have a North and South Pole
6 Why You Sleep

Pit seems so simple doesn't it? One of our most basic needs-we haven't figured out the reason behind. Please continue research! And find something to cure my insomnia! - keycha1n

I'm a physicist. I have a long list of questions like these. One I have right now is why I personally can't sleep. - PositronWildhawk

7 Why More People are Right-Handed
8 Why Do Ghosts Exist
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