Top Ten Things That Should Be Added to

Please, NO skins on this list, there is another list for skins

The Top Ten

1 Teams that win

Why the hell do they expect us to be like jumbo or sirius or wunwun who can make turnarounds possible? Always putting us in the losing teams!

2 Usernames

I think they should add permanent usernames, so nobody can steal yours or your custom skin.

They already have that

3 Chat

That would be great

You can actually then agree with people to become bros instead of being all like w=bro on your name.

Play, a version of that allows you to chat

4 Random Splitting for bigger cells
5 Capture The Flag
6 A rare, Giant Virus

That will be blue and the size of 300 mass

7 No-Splitting Gamemode
8 2 and 4 team games
9 More Backgrounds

You could have the world map as a map. - Harri666

10 Better Spectate Mode

The Contenders

11 More Skins
12 Choosing Your Colour
13 Deathmatch
14 Emoji
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