Top Ten Things that Should Be Added to Clash of Clans

Yes, this isn't my idea. But I am not stealing anything from the owner's list. I am just making up new ideas. Hopefully, I won't get hated. Thanks, Terrobyte

The Top Ten

1 Town Hall 12

A lot of people don't want it and think a new town hall will be to rushed in, but I think it is inevitable and it will add a lot of new strategy. I think summer 2018 would be a good time for it to happen.

This town hall could include:
- Another mortar, army camp, wizard tower, gold mine, elixir collector, and air sweeper.
- New defense (explained later)
- 25 more walls
- Comment more ideas! - Terrobyte

I wish they did added more collectors but trying to get a little loot in such a large amount of time is absurd. - BigFatNoob22

2 Shadow League

Same as Masters league but okay - BigFatNoob22

This league would go between Master and Champion. Champion League and up will be bumped up to the requirement above it (Champion League is 4100-4999, Titan league is 5000-5899, Legend League is 5900+) and Shadow League would be 3200-4099. There would be Shadow III, Shadow II, and Shadow I, just like most other leagues. - Terrobyte

3 League-Required Advantages

This is where you need to reach a certain league to have an advantage (e.g. You need to reach Master II to get a gem box every day! ) This would encourage other players to build their base up to gain trophies and get these advantages. - Terrobyte

4 Freezer (the opposite of the Roaster on Builder Base)

- Unlocks at th12.
- Freezes a few attackers for 5 seconds
- Like roaster, this can use multiple shots
- Can go up to level 3 (for th12)
- Events can make it more powerful, especially Christmas ones - Terrobyte

5 Dual Air Sweeper (for Builder Base)

We have Multi Mortar and Double Cannon, so why not have a Dual Air Sweeper, too? This unlocks at BH9 (look at #6) and pushes air troops away in two directions. - Terrobyte

6 Builder Hall 9

Builder Hall 8 is already coming soon with the Mega Tesla and Super P.E.K.K.A. why not have Builder Hall 9 with a few new things?
- A second multi mortar
- A third double cannon
- All troops go up to level 18
- All defenses and whatnot go to level 9
- New defenses: Dual Air Sweeper and Wall Guard (see #7)
- New troop: Mega Miner (giant/miner hybrid) (see #8)
- New Hero: Cannon Crusher (see #9) - Terrobyte

7 Wall Guard

Place this on the corner of your wall (Builder Base only).
It will shoot arrows at coming opponents.
Single target.
Can be destroyed when the wall is demolished.
Bombers do double damage.
Can go up to level 4. - Terrobyte

8 Mega Miner

This is a huge version of a miner that can still dig underground, but when he comes up, he has a ground pound that acts like an Earthquake spell and damages stuff around him. Then he attacks something around him separately. He favors defenses. - Terrobyte

9 Cannon Crusher

This is a hero to go along with the Battle Machine. It has a cannon for a head and uses its spiked feet to crush any walls in its path (any level 5 and below). It then uses a hammer to crush anything that is near. Ability is Double Danger: the ability to act as a double cannon. - Terrobyte

10 Trophies as war rewards.

This is self-explanatory, but also optional. You can make it so the winning team gets 30 trophies each (no more), and the losing team loses 15 each (no less.) - Terrobyte

The Contenders

11 Practice Fights

Here, you get practice bases that are set up based on your town hall level and trophy count. You can filter it too (e.g. Town Hall 6, 800-1399 trophies, semi-rushed). - Terrobyte

12 Multiple accounts on one device.

I think you should be able to have three to five different accounts running at once. They can be unlocked when you reach different experience levels. Nobody likes to switch between I cloud accounts or play on a separate device because they want to have two separate accounts.

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