Top Ten Things That Should Be Added to the Game Tomodachi Life

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1 More family options

I have Reese and Cyrus, who are canonically married to each other, on my island. I should have been able to just set them as "married" from the get-go rather than spend every game session hoping no one else took an interest in either of them or vice versa before they finally met each other, Reese asked Cyrus out, and Cyrus proposed.

Like if you made 2 miis and you wanted them to be related you can set the option to siblings

For example, if someone has Mario and Luigi or Anna and Elsa in their game, they should be able to set them as brothers and sisters respectively. More importantly, if they have two characters who are mixed-gender siblings (Fiora and Dunban from "Xenoblade Chronicles") or even father/daughter (Chrom and Lucina from "Fire Emblem") or mother/son (The Boss and Revolver Ocelot from "Metal Gear") having that option would prevent them from pursuing an incestuous relationship.

2 Gay couples

In the meantime, nothing's stopping anyone from passing off one half of a gay couple as the opposite gender thus the couple can still happen. Sure that means the game uses the wrong pronouns, a lesbian who actually does wear dresses or a gay guy who actually doesn't wear women's clothing end up in suits and dresses respectively during certain scenes, and the resulting couple can still have babies, but small price to pay.


Good for gay tomodachi life players.

They removed that for a reason - N64Dude

3 Married couples can have more babies

That was already added but that can happen if the first child is grown up. The brothers and sisters won't live with each other

4 More hair and face options when you create a mii

I want all my girl miis to have long hair most of the hairs when you create a mii are shoulder length

5 More outfits for miis

I want like other Nintendo costumes

6 Have Your Mii Go Past Level 99
7 More than 100 apartments
8 You get to record your own voice for your miis

You would have 2 options record your own voice, or just the main thing where you can change the pitch and all that other stuff.

9 You get to choose their nationality

My miis are supposed to be American so I want them to be American, and you can choose American, Australian, English, Canadian, Asian, African, and Scandinavian

10 More prize options when miis level up

The Newcomers

? Family photos with babies can also include siblings if there are any

Right now the only baby photo options are with the parents or the baby by itself. There was one couple whose daughter I'd kept and I wish I could have included her in the "family pictures" I took when her brother was born.

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11 Some acknowledgment of "pregnancy"

Not necessarily a noticeable belly, but once you've answered a baby request in the affirmative at least the random comments from mother or father should include something along the lines of how they're looking forward to the blessed event. There have been times I'd told a couple they could have a baby then forgotten I'd done so between then and when they announced the birth.

12 Odd hair colors that are permanent and get passed on to babies

We all love the hair color spray for giving Marth his blue hair, Lum her green hair, or even using the orange and yellow shades to make redheads and blondes respectively more accurate than the Mii Maker allows. However, you always have to re-spray Marth or whoever's hair after baths, and babies get whatever a parent's "natural" hair color was if one or both parents have dyed hair. That first one is very annoying in regular play, and that second one can only be dealt with if the child stays on as a resident.

13 More fantasy

Miis can be fantasy characters like vampires, werewolves, fairies, superheros, mermaids, warriors, and monsters

14 A royalty status for royal miis

I once made an island where all my miis were princesses, queens, and princes they should have an option if they are royal or not

15 The possibility for other people besides rival love interests to potentially interrupt love confessions

Like a disapproving parent or a best friend who isn't on great terms with the would-be sweetheart.

16 Related miis get to live in an apartment together

Like I said on #1 related miis like siblings can live together and they can move out if you don't like them living together.

17 Being able to see them change

If you mean clothes, then it was already added in the game.

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18 More minigames
19 Being able to see them have sex

Than the game will be rated T

Trust me, Nintendo will NEVER make an M rated game. - N64Dude

No! Absolutely not! Nintendo is for kids. They would never make their child friendly games have sex in it. >:(

20 Ability to see what Mii's are watching on TV/Tablet
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1. Have Your Mii Go Past Level 99
2. More than 100 apartments
3. Gay couples
1. More family options
2. More hair and face options when you create a mii
3. Odd hair colors that are permanent and get passed on to babies
1. More family options
2. Odd hair colors that are permanent and get passed on to babies
3. Ability to make anyone a traveler, not just raise babies to be travelers



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