Top Ten Things That Should Be Added to the Game Tomodachi Life

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21 More minigames
22 Being able to see them have sex

Than the game will be rated T

Trust me, Nintendo will NEVER make an M rated game. - N64Dude

No! Absolutely not! Nintendo is for kids. They would never make their child friendly games have sex in it. >:(

23 Being able to see them change

If you mean clothes, then it was already added in the game.

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24 Family photos with babies can also include siblings if there are any

Right now the only baby photo options are with the parents or the baby by itself. There was one couple whose daughter I'd kept and I wish I could have included her in the "family pictures" I took when her brother was born.

25 Have all outfits available to everyone in the portrait studio and concert hall

Yes, you can change a Mii's outfit just for a photo or song/stage performance, but only into outfits they already own themselves. And I'm not going to give someone, say, formal wear or something like the dinosaur suit I wouldn't want them wearing any other time just for a picture or performance.

It's called "renting costumes". Real-life theaters and photo studios let you dot that.

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1. More than 100 apartments
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