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1 Obsidian Tools and Armour

Yes, or more materials. To get iron takes minutes. That means you pretty much strive to get one more thing, diamonds. Too easy. Be like Terraria, like 20 upgrades to get. Awesome.

This is a terrible idea! It may take a long time to mine but it's so easy to get obsidian, you can just pop into the nether or grab some while your mining. You can essentially get unlimited obsidian. The only way that they could add it without breaking the game is if they made it worse than iron and at that point its pointless.

It would look cool... And make you invulnerable in the nether

YES. And they should rest super long but be slower than dia when using because obey is pretty easy to get 3 of when you have a idea pick

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2 Vehicles

This is so awesome it almost shouldn't be invented because id stay in side al day and I wouldn't go to work - ChickaChickaSlimShady

If would be cool if they added like wagons, gliders, or the boats (not the airships) from Archimedes ships mod but anything more than that would seem out of place in the old fashioned style of Minecraft and make traveling way to easy. It would be cool but that's more of a mod thing.

I would never stop playing grab 50 energy drinks a day. Eat a pizza a day build a chute that leads to my toilet

Vehicles are practically added as minecart but there terrible so definitely but then it would probably be 8 stacks of diamonds and a full stack of obsidian

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3 Grappling Hook

That would be so cool. You could swing all around your world

I think that would be the greatest thing ever!
Like a easy way to escape mobs!

Grappling Hooks are awesome! I could finally be a Minecraft SUPER HERO! Without a mod of course.

I wonder if grapple hooks could be used for elytra flight

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4 Emerald Tools and Armour

Being the rarest ore, it needs more uses

I know but if they added it just for currency why not diamonds or gold for currency 😖

It's a good idea they have little use to them and its very rare

Well since its rare they should have crafting recipes not just currency its not right 😐

What's the point of adding something into a game if its useless

Obviously add it

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5 Guns

No, no, NO guns are the worst thing to be added to Minecraft, Minecraft should not ever EVER have guns. it's a sandbox game, not some mindless shooting game where all you do is run around and shoot things.

Minecraft should not have modern things it break the medieval feel to it

NO! Maybe a crossbow but no modernized guns and besides all they would be is a better version of a bow which is sort of pointless all it would be is a slightly stronger bow with a re-skin, and if that's all it is why not just add power 6 or buff the bow.


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6 Turtles

There is turtle armor in Hexxit from the Technic Launcher which is pretty cool. Maybe turtle armor would be a more balanced version of obsidian armor, better defense than diamond but makes you a little slower. I think it should also be from a boss mob. Just imagine a giant turtle king with tons of tiny turtle warriors scurrying toward you in an enormous swampy cave.

They are so cute and maybe we could use their shells for armor...

Yeah they are cool and you can opt in shells from them and use it as armour!

There is no debating with what I have to say. Turtles are going to be added whether you like or not Jeb already said he is working on it!

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7 Boats With Chests

This would be so useful if you were moving away from your current home or bringing building supply. They should also add iron boats that can't crash!

It would be like a cargo ship for delivering diamonds!

It would be very useful, you could send it down a water current to deliver it. Although it might hit the side and break.

Iron boats would have to sink, But some wooden boats with chest would be cool, Like the Minecart thing, Where you can put a hopper, Chest, TNT And such in a minecart. I think it should be the same for boats. You could even Set traps! Image a Map or a minigame where you do a boat race and there is TNT to set you back! And the chest thing would be usefull for shipping and handling. And Think about the water redstone systems!

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8 Kids

It would be awesome! Like, you could have your own kids and take care of them. You could even talk and do things with them!

You can rase your kid to go find diamonds for you!

Not a bad idea, but the problem is you have to watch after them, guard them and give them weapons to defend themselves. - Nick_brick78

Or adoptable villagers that once you adopt, never grow up that would be cool

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9 More Mammals (Sharks, Lions, Tigers)

I don't like the idea of adding mods if they have no purpose but sharks would make the ocean more interesting and lion/tigers ( not both because they would just be re-skins of each other) could just be mobs that are always hostile (although it would suck to spawn next to them at the begging of a game).

That would be awesome! It would make it more interesting, Lions and Tigers are a great idea, since all we have now are just pigs, ocelots, wolves, cows etc. - Asuna_Yuuki

YES! That would be perfect! You could add rideable animals too like dolphins (of course just in the water) or even more aggressive animals like boars or sharks!

I am getting tired of the Zombies and stuff, This would be Awesome! There could be a cheetah boss!
That may sound stupid, But think about it. A cheetah with speed 20 attacking you with little ones coming at you too! well... That wouldn't be a boss more of a hard mob but ya! Adding more stuff that Would be in the food chain. It would give minecraft a more realist feel, ya know?

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10 Another Water Mob

At current times, oceans are just stupid and boring, they should add like a Water Boss, it would make it more interesting then to just have some stupid squid swimming in the water. The squid doesn't even have that much use in the world of Minecraft! - Asuna_Yuuki

A giant squid like a Kraken would be interesting, could be a boss battle

I know they have added more fish but I mean visible mobs like squids. - HollyRolo

Minecraft could make fish visible so you know when to catch them or create new passive aquatic mobs like a turtle or beaver

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11 Shelves

Being able to see your items on the wall would be great! - TropicalRemixed

Well you can use upside down slabs and item frames to create a shelf... But shelves would be easier, and less recourses to make...

It would be great to store supplies that you worked very hard to get

Good to place more storage than chests

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12 More Pets

Sounds cool... but what would they do? (Dogs fight mobs and Cats ward off mobs. ) Maybe Snakes could inflict poison on mobs, Lizards could be faster but weaker than dogs, Goldfish could die and give you fish but re-spawn again from where it was, hamsters (and gerbils) could collect wheat for you, Guinea pigs could collect sugar cane, birds could follow you and when you jump could flutter you a bit and go farther, and Rabbits could collect carrots and potatoes

I would love to be a Minecraft falconer. You could tame a hawk or a falcon, and you could send it out to catch fish, rabbits, and chickens for you.

They could try to let you tame a rabbit, other mobs like snakes will be better than having a nice zombie in your home!

Add some more portals to to get more places to get pets

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13 Snow Temples

There is ocean temples why not taiga or snow temple

Sounds cool and would add more to the snow biome

You could probably find diamonds, snow balls, and the snow block.

They already added igloos

Yeah, because an igloo is TOTALLY a good substitute for a temple. - TheYoshiOverlord

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14 Rucksack

Gives you a little storage boost - HollyRolo

You could craft them out of string and wool!

Should have a smaller inventory than a chest.

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15 Mermaids

That would be so cool. They'd be like underwater villagers!

I like it not so much for the idea of mermaids themselves but just the idea of adding a new mod to the ocean. They could be underwater villagers and maybe have better trades or something. It would give people more reason to explore the ocean.

Yeah it would be girlish and childish, I don't want to be made fun of for playing it when I'm older just because it has Mermaids

No way it will make Minecraft to childish

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16 Birds (Besides Chickens)

Birds would bring so much more life to the game, especially forests. Right now it's a lot of dead silence. I also think birds flying through the sky would provide a visual treat.

I love birds, which isn't an extremely popular opinion, and I think birds would be awesome! I'd love to be a Falconer (ya know, do falconry, tieing a lead to a falcon perching on my arm. And let it go kill things for me!

Yea. Birds will be beautiful and they can go in a tree at night and fly out in the morning and it would be beautiful.

I like this idea, I hope that they can be pets, As said before: Tamed with Fish, Or somethin

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17 Sea Dungeons

They are already going to add them in 1.8 along with the guardians and the elder guardians. Go look at the forums or the wiki for once

Sounds pretty cool, there should be a reason besides gathering clay to go dive into the ocean, plus it gives enchants like respiration and aqua affinity more use

Along with mermaids it could be like an abandon kingdom

That would be cool, but use a strong material

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18 Cars

What, did rockstar buy Minecraft? Cause if this happens, it will Grand Theft Auto on Minecraft. - cdxtreme

You could use things to craft a car, It is very cool and getting around faster!

Cars? No. Minecraft is not silent murderer.

The wheel will be invented ( because Minecraft is the stone age)

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19 Sports Balls

NOO Why would you even think this! I can't even find this on the internet!

No man, Minecraft is about surviving

That's just wrong... but I know what you mean...

There are mods for this, use them.

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20 Plains

We already have plains, they're called Savannah, and they're the same thing.

Do Planes, that will be better than cars!

That was the first terrain ever, stop trolling.

Dudes it is plains not planes. Not the flying plane.It's the terrain

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