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181 Tropicraft V 1 Comment
182 Time Era selection

Here's what I mean: In the options for creating a world, you could choose what era in time you're in, and you get items specifically from that time period. Like Stone Age, Medieval, Modern, or even Futuristic.

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183 Another Dimension

There should be a water dimension like the opposite of the nether, or there could be a dimension that is the opposite of everything, creepers lay eggs and chickens explode, wolves are hostile until you hit them (same with zombie pigmen) and pigs shoot arrows while skeletons give you pork

184 Dynamic Lighting

So simple! Wouldn't it make more sense to be able to carry a torch with it lighting up the area instead of holding a lit torch and it not doing anything?

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185 Mythical Gods

So you could go to Hades and Gaia could come out of dirt

The greek olymians would be awesome
Like when you die in hard core you would go to hades to have a trial

186 Cake Land

That would be awesome add a cake dimonsion just put cakes on a portal of wood

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187 Girl Villagers

Ya cool idea that would be so cool

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188 Robots

Make them your body guard or just make them run wild on a server and smash everything and kill the villagers

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189 Playgrounds

You can find kids so you can kill them

190 Bags V 1 Comment
191 Food Armor

Like cake axe cake hoe cake sword cake pickaxe cake shovel!

Lets play 'takes bite out of arms'

(sarcasm) I LOVE THIS IDEA! This is the most uncreative idea ever. Seriously? If you were a living meatsack... - Goatworlds

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192 Stampy Cat Pet

That would be awesome for Xbox 360 like stampy fans can play with him

Then what stampy could have himself as a pet

193 Swimming Pools

You can do freestyle, butterfly, medley etc if we had this!

194 Bananas
195 Different Villager Looks
196 Land of LovelyLocks
197 Pink Treehouses
198 Rana Mobs
199 Frilly Pink Dresses
200 Pink Pool Tubes
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